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Foxy's Den


Thas right.. Foxy's Den is closed.

After having this site online for 6+ years, I've decided the time has come for me to close Foxy's Den and move on to bigger and better things. I learned HTML, DHTML, Java, Shock, etc., etc. simply through trial and error while creating it. Now standards have changed and CSS is 'in,' so the fox here has to learn that now right? I have my own domain name now and will (eventually..when I have the freakin' time.. grrrrr) be publishing a new site with a totally new theme, not having the name of Foxy's Den.. coding it in CSS. *The new site being totally done in Shockwave isn't out of the question either. ;-)*

My thanks to those who have visited Foxy's Den and especially to those who took the time to sign the Guestbook and/or emailed letting me know how much they enjoyed my efforts because of the sheer 'tongue-in-cheek goofy ҿ humor' of it all. I have to be the first to admit... this site was definately different... Exactly as I had intended it to be!

Till next time... Happy surfing & use the brain matter you were blessed with in conjunction with numerous web resource pages while online as to how to handle.. or better yet.. avoid: pervs, players, creepos & those who like to con others. If you doubt what I say about pervs, players, creepos & con artists on the web, these 2 very informative links (the first link is essentially infomative for parents due to the pervos who go after kids!) should help you 'see the light.' Take a look and let them know Foxy from this site sent you. ;-o}



Stay Safe.. xoxoxox


Here's a little something for two different men & also a woman I finally talked to on the phone for the first time since having met them in chatrooms on the good ole MSN several years ago. They know who they are. ;-) ..(I'm sending a BIG cyber hug to all three of you!!).. (I hope to speak to them again very soon.)

***Foxy's Den (This one in particular) ҿ) always has been and always will be by moi, Foxy!***

I hope you have an awesome sound card and high speed connection so you can hear the wma embedded in this page. It's hot. ;-)~ (Crank up those speakers and rock baby..oh yesss mmmmm)