Welcome to my Guestbook! Please leave me a message, I love meeting new cyber friends, especially those with horses and shelties.

Susie - 12/03/00 20:39:37
My URL:http://community.webtv.net/ESstable/SpeedRacking
My Email:ESstable@webtv.net
City: Eolia
State: Ky.
Favorite Breed: Racking
Trail, Show, or Pasture Ornaments?: show & trail ride

Very nice page. Great music. Beautiful horses. If you visit our home page would you please sign our guess book to. Thanks

Annie - 09/29/00 16:55:06
My Email:ablobaum@umich.edu
City: Ann Arbor
State: MI

I just want everyone out there to know that Debbie Burnside is the greatest person in the world! She took care of my horse Tex from my high school years to college years and beyond. She has been a wonderful friend and her horses are great for riding and training. Take my word for it! I miss you! Thanks Debbie!

Evelyn F. Stewart - 09/23/00 01:39:58
My URL:http://EFstew.tripod.com/
My Email:EFstew1227@aol.com
City: Henderson
State: Arkansas

I just surfed on over from my guest book to thank you for your visit and also for signing my guest book. I feel very honored. I am proud to sign your guest book. Now that I have that done I will roam the pastures with the horses. LOL

Dan Bridge - 09/22/00 00:45:35
My URL:http://www.oocities.com/danbridge
My Email:danbridge@hotmail.com
City: Azusa
State: CA
Favorite Breed: Pomeranian
How many horses do you have?: none
Trail, Show, or Pasture Ornaments?: uh...sorry i'm a city boy

Hey the horses look great and I love that John Denver song!

horsecrazy.com - 09/20/00 11:07:12
My URL:http://www.horsecrazy.com
My Email:info@horsecrazy.com
Favorite Breed: french trotter
Trail, Show, or Pasture Ornaments?: no

Hello... I was looking at your site the other day and was impressed by your list of collected links on the links pages, design and content and was wondering if you could consider linking to us. www.horsecrazy.com is fast becoming the most popular horsey site on the internet. Adding a link from us will benefit your website placement as the major search engines are now taking into consideration the quality of links when indexing your site. You will also receive more traffic when search engines find www. horsecrazy.com in your website html and list you along with us!!! Our banner and links page : http://www.horsecrazy.com/html/affiliate.html You can go to our site and drag a banner from there, adding a variety of places to visit for your customers encourages them to come back and visit your site. If you like you can send a link back to me via this e mail address. Perhaps you would like to submit an article or feature for our newsletter or our website, shop for products or just get tips on veterinary matters, whatever you do we hope you enjoy watching horsecrazy being built live on the internet and look forward to the official launch as much as we are!! Thankyou very much.. www.horsecrazy.com and the relaunch team! e mail info@horsecrazy.com website www.horsecrazy.com

Jackie thurston - 07/28/00 20:50:38
My Email:pbjthurstons@worldnet.att.net
City: virginia Beach
State: VA
Favorite Breed: Foxtrotter/Spotted Saddle
Trail, Show, or Pasture Ornaments?: Trail/Show intention

I just purchased a foal whose grandsire is Magic Diamonds Lobo. What a beautiful stallion. Yours is the 3rd stallion I have run across from Magic Diamond. Are there any venues in your area for showing foxtrotters?

Foxtrotter - 07/27/00 16:18:21
My URL:This is it!!
My Email:foxtrotter@psinet.com
City: Morgantown
State: West Virginia
Favorite Breed: Missouri Foxtrotters
How many horses do you have?: toooooo many
Trail, Show, or Pasture Ornaments?: All the above.

If you've signed my guest book before, please sign it again, I goofed and deleted it. Thanks.

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