Hello, Sorry that you made it to this site.

Why am I sorry? because I am doing something that I normally don't do... ask for help. You see, I have a medical condition that is not covered by insurance on grounds of "Pre-existing" and need to scrounge up around 8,000 USD just so I can get the care that I need to live a happier, full, productive life.

Many people who know me don't know about it because if they did they treat you differently, like your broken or something, so I simply don't tell them. The closer you get to someone the harder it is to talk to them about things that you know will make them sad or worry. I ask a simple request, to simply be healthy and productive. If you find it in your heart to help, please do.. any little bit helps. It all adds up.

Thank you for your time and understanding in reading this. The condition is personal but if you have questions and are seriously interested in helping send me an email at alaskanmagick@yahoo.com

When it is done I will remove this site and put up a thank you site.

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