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A night view of downtown El Paso
About IMO

When I first started this site I imagined that I would get thousands of hits and people sending in their opion of my opinion. Well, it hasn't worked out that way. There are millions of websites on the internet and from my perspective one is lucky if anyone finds your site.

By what I have just said don't get the impression that my site is not visited. This site is averaging between 150 and 230 hits a day. The funny or unexpected part is that almost all (99.9%) of those visitors go to the features part of this website. The features section was really only supposed to be a small part of the site and is now THE site.

What's a guy to do! For me it is still important to speak out about issues from a point of view that is currently ignored by the main media. I hope you are enlightened or least entertained by what you see here and that it causes you to want to investigate the subject further. Society works better when people are involved in what is going on, at least in my opinion.

The IMO section will feature our take on the various subjects and will be updated as issues arise.

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