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Francisca began to deepen her practice of spirituality when she entered her fourth decade of Life, and opened to sharing her love of music through voice, as well. Her philosophy regarding music ministry is simple:

"I believe in co-ministry, and the synergy that exists between the spoken message and the music message. When the two align, the result has a greater impact than either one alone"

Francisca is a vocalist, and says she enjoys "playing at" digital  drums, congas, shakers, and plinking on the guitar. She has also volunteered as a sound technician at
Unity Center of Walnut Creek and Inner Light Ministries in Soquel, has her own recording equipment, and has started an independent music ministry CD project as a featured soloist. 

Francisca occasionally volunteers as an usher at
Inner Light Ministries Sunday service,and has also participated in their Music Ministries programs, as a member and some time soloist in their choir and Singing Circle class.  Francisca has also directed the choir when called upon by Inner Light's beloved music director, Valerie Joi Fiddmont.

Francisca is a 2007 graduate of Inner Light Ministries'
Practitioner of Higher Consciousness (currently a 4 year program), and presently participates in their prayer support team, taking prayer requests submitted by individuals on cards, or in person, and offering prayers with, and on their behalf.

Francisca is a
Reiki Level III practitioner.  She has been attuned in the Usui lineage under her  Reiki Master Teacher Joyce Mieko-Gress (Reiki Levels I and II) and by her Brother and Sisters-in-Spirit,  Reiki Master Teachers  Pam & Duane Beddoes and Mari LoValvo  (Reiki Level III).
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"I have a GREAT family - my loving, supportive Life partner, Supriya Nina Friday-Pabros and family, my 2 sisters and THEIR families, and my cats.
"I am rapt & wrapped in the One Presence, the TRUE SOURCE of ALL my Good." francisca