FPFL Leader Making the Most of His 15 Minutes of Fame

Week 5 MVP
Ravens Defense

44 Points





BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - Everyone, it is written in The Great Book, will enjoy 15 minutes of fame. Well, one FPFL owner is doing everything he can to take advantage of his allotted time. Following Week 4 of the FPFL season Daron "Pud" Linner found himself alone in first place, six points ahead of his good buddy Timmy "Ton" Dees. Would Linner just sit back and rest on his laurels? "Hell no!" was Linner's answer. "I figured, now that I'm top dog I should be a little more popular...especially with the ladies." Well, sorry Charlie. Not all is rosy at Taco Bell.

Linner first struck out with Harriet Mothra who only a week ago claimed Ryan "Bonecrusher" Lott rigged the Nelson Dredge Beauty Contest. Time after time Linner was turned down by the Girls of  Taco Bell (calendar to be coming in November). Finally, Linner took a new approach. "I had this feeling that the girls I was approaching thought I was playing hard to get." So to ease their minds he went to the local mall and printed a shirt that exhibited his availability (see photo, right). Has it worked? "Well, not really. I'm still holding out hope though but this is really starting to suck. God, if I don't get some I'm unna die!" We can only wish young Linner success.

This was only the latest incident in a whirlwind two weeks of the life of young Linner. Read more on page 2...



Daron "Pud" Linner developed this shirt to let the girls know he was available.