The color of peach, blue and white is synonyms to the UUM Faculty of Accountancy building. This faculty has gone through many phases of change and again from 15th August 2007 onwards, our faculty no longer bears its name but converted into part of College of Business. At this pivotal point of our UUM Accountancy history, we can consider ourselves lucky to remain with the faculty for the last time and to be remembered as the last batch of  Faculty of Accountancy students.
Dear friends,
This website is specially dedicated to accounting students who going to graduate   near end of 2008.
Enjoy your visit.
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Who is Goin?! (Check this out)
In commemorating our fourth year in FPK, we are organizing a night gala in one of the prestigious hotels in Alor Setar.
We are inviting everyone, especially the accounting students from 2004/05 intake, to participate in our grand dinner.
It will be a pleasant evening to have all friends we know to gather together, pamper ourselves with delicious cuisines served.
Most of all is to enjoy Happy Hours with all friends we know throughout this entire Accounting Course. .
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Map to StarCity Hotel
Kay Meng
Accounting Gala brought to you by:
Chen Hau                                             TNB

Kah Leong                                               TM 0125941151

Kay Meng                              BKT. KACHI1

Tze Siong                                     PROTON

Wei Yuen                                BKT.KACHI1

Yung Nam                                           MISC 0123815284

Geok Ean                                     PROTON

Huey Nud                                     PROTON

Jia Ying                                         PROTON
Nite Gala " Goodbye Today,      Remember always"
Theme: Goodbye Today, Remember Always
Venue: StarCity Hotel Alor Setar.
Date: 6 October 2007
Time: 6.30p.m (Please arrive 1/2 to 1hr earlier)
Attire: Elegance
Dinner course: Buffet Style
Price: RM 50 (Free T-Shirt)
Attention to Ladies and Gentlemen:
1. We have successfully gathered around 97 people (included the committes) for this special nite and the name list will continue grow until the last date of our closing date, 20 September. Hurray !!!
2. We need cooperations from everyone of you to SEND us your best pictures you've taken with your buddies and friends in UUM. We going to make a small picture presentation of all our friends we know in UUM. So do it NoW! Send to
3. Due to low demands for transportation, we the committee reached a unanimous vote to shelve the service we provided earlier. Those who have paid RM 10 can claim back from the committee and if you need help, we still can arrange you transport (but no guarantee). Please inform us as soon as possible.