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The vision of giving secondary education to a larger group of learners led to the establishment of Quezon City High School Annex in 1953. The annex was located near Cubao Elementary School but it soon became independent as Cubao High School.

 Accelerated socio-economic development in Quezon City and the gradual increase in school population prompted school officials to open the first annex of the newly-independent Cubao High School. This was the Murphy Annex which started operations in 1961. This annex was later named Juan Sumulong High School upon its independence in 1964.


In 1962, Cubao High School opened evening classes to give working students the opportunity to pursue formal secondary education. To accommodate more enrollees, the second annex was established in 1964 but it eventually became Carlos P. Garcia High School.


After five years, the P. Bernardo Annex was established but later ir became Ponciano Bernardo High School.



On March 17, 1965, Cubao High School was renamed Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School in memory of President Ramon Magsaysay who perished in a plane crash on March 17, 1957. Consequently, March 17 of every year is observed as the anniversary of the school's Foundation Day.

The school year 1968-1969 saw a record boom in enrolment. The school building failed to accommodate the more than 5,000 students. To remedy the situation, the old Quezon City Hall was appropriated as the permanent school site.




Unfortunately on March 15, 1981, a devastating fire gutted the entire school building. Everything the school had acquire through the years went up in smoke. In the meantime, the city government rented the nearby Raval Building to enable the students continue their schooling.



It did not take long, however, a big school building worth P13.6 million was constructed in 1982 through the initiative of the former First Lady and Metro Manila Governor Imelda Marcos and the then Mayor Adelina Rodriguez, The three-storey building was inaugurated on September 8 of the same year.




The implementation of the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) in 1989 brought major changes not only in the school curriculum but also in the school's facilities development. Through the intiative of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, a two-storey SEDP building was constructed.


However, the SEDP building was not enough to meet the needs of the rising school population.


To cope with the demand of more classrooms, the Quezon City government vacated the adjacent Post Office lot to give way to the construction of a new school building sponsored by Congressman Sonny Belmonte.


The 12-M new building was designed to enhance computer-based education. The classrooms were equipped with new sets of computers and modern devices in the line with Congressman Belmonte's thrust of revitalizing public education in preparation for the next millennium.


Today, in line with the government's program of nationalizing public secondary schools aimed at upgrading free secondary education, the Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School continues its dedicated service to the youth, to the community, and to the country in general.


Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School focuses on providing students greater access to the best quality of education adapting the latest trends of technological skills in order to succeed in our campaign against poverty, develop students as virtue carriers who could effect a change for excellence among themselves, thus emerge as valued and respected citizens in global community with strong national identity.