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Who doesn't love Tapirs? No-one, including games developers Splash Damage. They're giving £50 to save tapirs, which are almost extinct, for every website which mention their cause! We'll see how long that lasts (its looking pretty successful), but for now, here's a card about Tapirs by Laurel 'Tully' Austin:

and a poem by Ed 'Bongoboy' Stern:

We're Splash Damage, developers
Of Enemy Territ'ry
Multiplayer First Person Shooters
Played upon your PC.
We're working now on something new
Cross-platform, without peer
But right now all we want to do
Is spread some Christmas cheer.

Splash Damage loves the Tapirs
Unknown in Bethlehem,
But post this on your website
And we'll give some dosh to them.
They dwell in Costa Rica
And to prove we're not all talk
We'll sponsor a research project

The easiest way of raising money for a charity ever - just become a fan of a facebook page to raise $5. Leave a wall post saying which charity. If you have a blog, mention it and email them - - with the link and which charity to raise $20! The current charites are World Vision, WWF and Make a Wish

Almost as easy is to send an e-card from, which generates a donation of $5 worth of stuff. If you have a blog, posting about it gets another $25 donated!

This site is now dead (well, mostly)! The links still work, but there will be no more updates (except when I, or charity) gets money from the update itself - see above). Go for free online ways to help good causes.

I'll leave this up, but only so old links I posted on the 'net are still valid. This WAS a collection of sites not found elsewhere and stuff I haven't bothered to erase. Trying to fit everything on here would take ages to type, ages to read and make me cry with frustration. In fact, this site is completely dead and if I find a new one now I put it on freewebs 'cause that's so much easier.
Diagnosis of Alzheimer's
Get a Web Ribbon

Free, charitable holiday ecards!

Basically, these sites give money to charity and its free for you.Mostly they used advertising.

Right I go:


- These generally count once a day. It's important to let the sites fully load and view the sponsors. Don't use bulk clickers! These, above all, are mostly covered elsewhere and this is a pretty random selection but please do any you only find here. click the button to give food.Then I take the link to:
, feeds the hungry, just click the yellow button to give food, free for you, then follow the ‘help other good causes’ box links afterwards (I like to type in, just to be sure) and open from the rainforest site and Red Jellyfish from there! Then: works like the one above Then:
Followed by, in any order: click to give 1 minute per sponsor in a children’s hospital Food for animals in shelters Something, don't know what, for families in Brazil, just click the round symbol. Feed children, a few links up top listen to music and help charity. Yay!
I think ya just click the ads. Plain and simple.
Improve your vocab AND help the hungry!
the solar site, the waste site and the water site May well be undead (dead but doesn't look it) The oak site is. Click once a week, in North America Seems dead
Possibly the ads on, but I don't think so, so I ignore.
Go to and do Just 1 click (yeah, I wish) I think you can do one a day A list of 5 sites, one dead and 2 covered by DFD. Use the other 2 (and the dead one, it may come back up) DEAD for now 0.5 euros
dorcas: click one banner below, in the box.
th horse lover's site -feed a horse Ya can do 'em all!
the milk one (Pratique Leite is a donation site (practique emocao), but you have to sign up
Linda Mcartney Centre

Then I go to

Just clicking (yeah, a shitload of it!)
Japanese one This has 17 clicks and maks me want to kill myself.

Further listsinclude:
A few more at but, in my experience, most don’t work or have already been mentionned here.

One offs:

Supposedly for every 100 clicks on this link $1 goes to the homeless but thankfully that’s once ever for a computer, not daily:
SIgn up to the CARE e-mails and unlock $5. E-mail me (see below
possibly (maybe $1, maybe none, maybe not a once off - but I don't know, so I only visited once).

If the links don't work, try erasing the end bit of it and going to the home site .


these are mostly on freewebs, check anyway: St. Jude,Make A Wish, Darfur 1 and 2,Iraqi civilians , Unicef, Cancer 1 & & 3 & 4; Leukemia (goive if I misspelled that); Invisible Children; North Korean Refugees; Global Warming 1 ; 2; HIV ; Africa & homeless veterans. Join the facebook group to help provide clean water for 10000 people. . See freewebs for more (typing them takes ages!) And use Greenbook to avert CO2,the Giving Tree to finance loans and more rice, and give riceto give rice - all for free. Also, when enough people add Daily Motivational Quote $10000 to breast cancer research

Search engines: (contains a cool link to Amazon that lets you give part of the profit to charity when you buy something) (shop eBay etc. for charity) and join the facebook group to help provide clean water for 10000 people.

shopping to raise money by shopping online. Or use searchkindly or charity cafe
Now use eBay to help the Red Cross!
shop or eBay for your choice of charity
More ebay! Shop for the environment.


Raise money using Windows Messanger
Yuwie- Facebook/Myspace that gives money to someone this one CLAIMS to be Breast Cancer - when you sign up here. This one says he'll give it to Darfur. I have even less proof here than elsewhere. They could both be lying.
Add the Care2 and Endangered species FAcebook toolbars. Also send Care2 ecards. is meant to be a charity e-card site, but I haven't managed to get it to work
play free rice to donate, well, free rice and use floxter to raise money by solving problems.
When you vist or search, or play games, some money is raised

DO nothing and still help: (Like the above but for the environment).


: (also contains a click site to reduce CO2) (I don't think this is still for breast cancer, ad you can use ippimail for breast cancer cuases. Avoid).
*I'm not sure these are counted, you may have to do them individually.

If you forget a lot, many offer a reminder e-mail and the hunger/ child health/ rainforest etc. sites help the cause when you sign up (you can only help 1 cause this way, I think.)
Thanks for reading, please help, spread the word!

contact me: