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The Blitz Kids
Axion - Cooperative of London-based clothes designers with stall in Great Gear Market,  Kings  Road, Drury Lane,  Covent Garden.

1 - Willie Brown - has recently joined Axion after decideing that the brave isolation of his Modern Classics shop was aconomically unfeasible.  However, he continues his style of sparse uniforms and engineered detail.  Willie Brown's  dresses have the line of a simple piece of furniture and the beauty of a perfectly designed car.

2 - Fiona Dealey - A newcomer, fresh out of college with a marvellous range of leather queen looks.  Larger than life, blatant black and red, and subversively sexual.

3 - Valentine Morby - Recently set loose in the big wide world.  he takes traditional tailorring fabrics and coaxes them into unlikely dresses, ingenious suits and incredible shapes.

4 - Simon Withers - he makes simple clothes with subtle detail.  Look long and close and you won't miss the point. 

5 - Wayne Tracy - has his feet firmly planted in some fabulous 40s filmstar wardrobe.  Then he breaks all the rules with applique, padding and passion.

6 - Paul Winters - sneaks up and surprises.  At first glance, his menswear seems quiet with class.  Then, on closer inspection, semi-hidden touches of thonging, threading and eyelets sets his suits apart

7 - Melissa Caplan - makes clothes with an unmistakeable identity, strong shapes, pleats, layers and tabs.  thsi show was her first chance to display her total range, from a white, semi-transparent wedding dress to cord and leather menswear.

8 - Chris Sullivan - indescribable suits have alreadyentered the arena of street fashion .
Longer, wider and louder than anyone else's they are destined to influence further afield than you might imagine

                          New Sounds New Stylesn- 1981