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Latest News

OK, well I have just created a brand new FREE service for all you HL players! You have seen some players' pages with lovely banners on the top of their pages... Well I have now got 3 well designed banners created especially for YOU! Check them out and get the code: #889399 | #889429 | #889443

There are also 3 MORE banner styles coming soon - here is a sneak preview:
Warning - unfortunately you cant use my free layouts with them.... yet! - the coding and the colours get all jumbled up - so please DONT use the banner service AND the page services together on ONE page - or your page will go REALLY strange!

For Sale / Wanted

Do YOU have something you want to sell? Horses? Dogs? Cats? Staplers?

Enchanted Dreamers Horse Ranch 647858 10/19/2002
FOR SALE: 18.8k horse Only 20 mill!

Ellecia 778966 10/19/2002
FOR SALE: Pure black Arabian - only $2000

blackhearted_arabians 868095 10/19/2002
FOR SALE: 4 yr old Arabian Colt #2400974

DoodleDancer09 [BIG HORSE/DOG SALE!!!] 773231 10/19/2002
Sweetie Pie 101pts Pure Golden Retriever
Smiling Pup09 295pts Basset Hound
Groovy2 138 pts, pure Thoroughbred
Groovy09 133 pts Pure Paint

Sandstorm Arabians 869959 10/19/2002
FOR SALE: Pure Arabs -18.3K, 4.6K, 4.2K all under 6yrs...

Katilina Wiley 624013 10/21/2002
FOR SALE: 4 young, pure, pointed colts and fillies
1 QH filly, 2 welsh fillies, 1 hanoverian colt.

Stud Services

Missylennium - 10k-100k Pt studs, LOTS of breeds: WBs, Paints, QHs, Dutch WBs, Welshes, Appys, Morgans, TBs....
Katilina Wiley - 9 PURE Stallions for stud: $1 per 2 pts - 11k WELSH standing!
Stud3 - Breed, points, fee
Stud4 - Breed, points, fee
Stud5 - Breed, points, fee

Other Services

Buffy - Pics Personaliser
Horse Crazy - Free Pages
Kelly Green - Pic Personaliser
Nivel Annalei - Trainer
Highland Kennels - Trainer

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