Come practise your printing!AaBbCcDo you know your Alphabet?  Come play a French phonics game! AaBbCcThe Alphabet sounds!  En Francais!

Est-ce que tu connais ton alphabet?

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Un train

Une tête

Un tigre
  • le tableau
  • la table
  • le tapis 
  • la terre
  • triste
  • tout/toute
  • la télévision
  • la taille-crayon
  • tard
  • tirer
  • tomber
  • toujours
  • une tante
  • le travail
  • très
  • tu
  • ton
  • ta
  • tes
  • toi
  • tous

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I hope you have enjoyed my collection of Alphabet links and the Alphabet book I created, my hobby is searching the internet for French Educational/Fun Sites for my children.  You are more then welcome to link my web pages to your site, but please do not copy my work as we all know how it feels when someone copies other peoples work and there are copyright guidelines to follow in accordance to Yahoo! GeoCities.  Thank You.
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