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Some of my short stories are online here. I have a couple more that I intend to make available here as well. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the Horizon zine that one story, 'Courage of a Coward' appeared in, and I can't find any paper or disk copies of that story.
You may also want to check out the western section of my website, where I talk about the Darrow westerns I've written. They feature a sheriff, who will remind you strongly of Avon (Sheriff Darrow) and his deputy, who has more than a passing resemblance to Vila (Deputy Sheriff Keating). There are three Darrow novels so far, and I've really enjoyed capturing the Avon/Vila relationship in them.

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Other Blakes 7 websites

These are various Blakes 7-related websites that I like
Judith Procter's website One of the biggest and longest-established B7 sites on the internet. There's a tremendous stock of zines available here and a mass of info on the series
Avon - the Paul Darrow fanclub Lots of info on Paul, plus merchandise and zines
Breaking Orbit Nicola Mody's excellent site - good stories and other entertaining bits and pieces. I love the Blakes 7 in the style of The Simpsons.
Blakes 7 fan fiction archive A newish site, this but already has a decent collection of stories to enjoy.
Lisa's B7 Image Library A truly awesome collection of screencaps for fans to enjoy. The site owner also has libraries of other fandoms, including Wild, Wild West and The Man From Uncle.

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