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AlexPayne - 11/11/00 10:23:44
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I love looking at your dogs...... Merry XmAs

Pat Smith - 07/06/00 03:38:55
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Hi Natalie and Peter, greetings from the east, NSW that is. You have a very nice home page and some lovely dogs. Good luck in the future with all your showing and breeding plans. Regards, Pat

Helen Dunn - 03/04/00 05:03:59
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Hi Natalie & Peter, Your site is great. Are you coming over for our show? See you around. Helen (Manprince Kennels)

Candy - 02/03/00 12:58:50
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Hello Natalie, like your page what do you think about Bruvic/Ecisnow German Shepherds/Siberain Huskies web page would look like, i bet Mum and Bruce are dredding it!!!

Jenny Joseph - 01/31/00 10:57:08
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Hi Natalie, Just informing all dog lovers that we have a new web address which is http://bodecka.virtualave.net Wishing your family and dogs all the best. Regards Jenny Joseph - Bodecka Kennels German Shepherds, Info on top Australian show dogs, plus many great links to visit.

Owen Harris - 12/28/99 09:18:13
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Hello!!! Natalie,you have done a lovely job on your Web page keep up the excellent work!!! The photos and graphics are great!! All the best to you and your family for the Year 2000!!! When you have the time Please visit my site!!! Greeting from Owen in Frankston,Australia.

e.reisser - 09/11/99 20:11:32
My Email:www.tricolor.nl

great site its goot to see that there are good breeders at the ather site off the earth love to have contact with you and talk about germanschepperts. I am erwin reisser a german who lives in the netherland (holland)

Michelle Green - 03/06/99 08:47:26

Natalie Help! Who am I going to mate Corey To?

Michelle Green - 03/06/99 08:45:55


Michelle Green - 03/06/99 08:45:54


Sandy - 01/31/99 09:41:29
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Great page Nat I see you have added a lot more since I last looked.

Sandy - 01/31/99 09:30:17
My Email:dvorak@q-net.net.au

Good page Nat, you should have a look at mine.Have you tried out your sleeping bag ha ha

Lonnie Örtblad - 01/30/99 11:34:33
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G'day! Nice page, and very good looking dogs you have! I am a GSD breeder from Sweden, and i have a Bitch from Grundelhardt Kennels in Australia. Please visit my page if you like! Good Luck with your dogs and Breeding. Stay Safe/ Nikkigården's Kennel

Ros - 01/26/99 13:44:40
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Great site keep up the good work regards Ros

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