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December 30, 2000. A little something new from Jennifer who met Eric in 1996 on the set of Dark Angel.

December 3, 2000. In case you hadn't noticed. The Official Eric Roberts web site is back up and running. It's not the new improved site that was promised but only the old incomplete pages back again but at least it's something.

November 22, 2000. Thanks to raynnicole for a little piece of information that grew into more information about the new movie that Eric is filming in Toronto. The movie is Rough Air and Eric plays the pilot on a plane flight gone bad. Alexandra Paul, of Baywatch, plays his x-wife who is also a flight attendant. Morglynn informed us that, since Eric is not a pilot in real life, an expert pilot, Captain Bob, was hired to make sure that it sounds real when Eric makes like a pilot. Captain Bob has been filling Eric in on all the authentic pilot lingo.

Tsunami Entertainment is advertising another movie starring Eric Roberts and Brigitte Bake called Wrong Number. The producer at Tsunami Entertainment emailed me and said that it is a Body Heat-like tale of greed and murder set in the wold of internet stocks. It is a Roshoman-style thriller, where the same story is seen from three different points of view. When it's finished in late winter 2001, it may be seen at some film festivals and will definately be seen in Europe. It has not yet found a U.S. distributor.

In an interview the last time that Eric was in Montreal, he said that he is interested in supporting a group called Nospank , an organization campaigning to eliminate physical abuse of children. They are particularly trying to abolish paddling children in school. Since it has been illegal for teachers to paddle children where I live for years, I was a little surprised that paddling is still so popular elsewhere.

Morglynn also says that Eric did a film called Sol Goode, starring David Arquette in the title role opposite Mila Jovovich. It is described as a "twenty-something relationship ensemble comedic piece." No word yet on when it will be available for you and me to see.

Fans are asking why Eric wasn't chosen to be the new guy on the X-Files. He would have been perfect for the role but you guys should know by now that's not how things work out in Hollywood Land. Fans don't always get what they wish for.

November 18, 2000. The Official Eric Roberts Web Site is down. There is still a link to it from the host site, SafeSearching, but when I click the link to Eric's page, NOTHING. Is it just down for repairs?? Or is it gone permanently?? Voice your concern to Aaron Stipkovich who is the web master at Safesearching.

Eric in Race Against Time I have removed Les Portes tournantes (1988, aka The Revolving Doors) from my Eric Roberts filmography because I finally found a copy of the film and watched it and the Eric Roberts in the film is black. He's a musician in the group Tchukon who happens to be named Eric Roberts.

October 26, 2000. Eric is scheduled to be on Politically Incorrect on Tuesday, October 31.

October 28, 2000. Here's the transcript from Eric's appearance on The View on 10/25.

October 24, 2000. This just in from Roe! Eric is scheduled to be on The View Wednesday morning 10/25. Here in NY it is on at 11:00 am on ABC. Check your local TV schedule. Sorry there wasn't more advance notice. A summary of his interview is at The View section of the ABC website. I will try to post a transcript of the interview in about a week.

October 17, 2000. As you all know, Eric's new movie Mercy Streets will be in theaters October 31. He recently did an interview about Mercy Streets with Lori Johnston for Crosswalk.com. You can read the interview by going to Crosswalk.com. There is also a photo of Eric from the film.

September 21, 2000. An article in the Sept. 1 issue of In Style magazine tells about 7 products, from sandals to candles, used by Hollywood stars. According to the article, Eric has a Travel Tech stainless-steel alarm clock with oversize numbers and hands that glow in the dark and has no snooze bar. That must be why it's stainless-steel ;-)

September 19, 2000. Earlier this month Eric and Eliza were in Montreal for their anniversary filming Stiletto Dance. She and Eric play ex-husband and wife. They shot their scene around midnight on their anniversary eve and, the day of their anniversary, they were on the set together while Eric shot a nude love scene with another actress in the movie. Eliza was wearing one of the two dresses and beautiful bracelets Eric bought her for their anniversary. Thanks to Morglynn for this report.

August 31, 2000. I thought I'd wrap up the month with a tiny bit of news about next year's film Fast Sofa based on the book by Bruce Craven. The news is bittersweet. Eric apparently has another small role with another outrageous hairdo. The movie stars Adam Goldberg, Jake Busey (Gary's son) and Jennifer Tilly. A Hollywood bartender falls for his best friend's girlfriend, a porn star, played by Jennifer Tilly. Jennifer's body double is real-life porn star, Asia Carrera, shown here on the set with Eric. There is another photo of Eric kissing her at Asia's website.

August 19, 2000. These web pages are usually all about Eric but some of you have questions about other members of his family. In response, here is some information from Morglynn. Keaton Simons, Eric's stepson, Eliza's now 22-year-old son, is going to have three or four songs in Eric's movie, Mercy Streets. Eric is a huge fan of Keaton's music -- his guitar playing, singing and song writing. One of Keaton's songs, Currently, is going to be on the Mercy Streets soundtrack album. Keaton can be visited at the web site for his band, FlyingBaboon. Also, if you live in California, he has played at the Temple Bar, 1026 Wlshire Blvd., Santa Monica, and at Peanuts, AKA Michelle's XXX Revue, 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. 1 block west of Fairfax Ave. and several other places. Keep an eye out for future concerts.

August 9,2000. Eric is featured in the cover story of the August 3-9 issue of Back Stage West

Stiletto Dance for HBO.

Cecil B. Demented, the film directed by John Waters in which Eric has a small (tiny?) role, will open in theaters on Friday, August 11. The film has a web site at http://www.dementedforever.com which is not worth downloading the plug-in if you don't already have it.

Saved By the Light is on LIFETIME August 10th. It is really worth it to check TVNow on the first of each month. Some movies that are really hard to buy on video are shown on TV.

> July 20, 2000. I bought La Cucaracha on DVD and I'm really glad I did. I had already seen the video but the DVD has extra stuff on it. Have you read my review?

And remember that Race Against Time (former title: Gabriel's Run) will probably be repeated on TNT. Check your local listings.

July 19, 2000. The Official Eric Roberts Web Site has started an Eric Roberts message board for fans to get together talk but nobody is there. Eric apparently turned up on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn last night totally unannounced. I missed it. Did anybody see it? Did anybody tape it???

July 16, 2000. I read Marilyn Beck's syndicated column every day for news of the stars and I am a huge fan of the once-a-week column "This Just In" by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith which appears in the Sunday paper every week. I read it before either the comics or the obits! So imagine my delight when I opened today's paper and found that "This Just In" contained a color photo of Eric Roberts!! It ran with what was basically a press release for the TNT movie, Race Against Time that will be on July 23rd. Later in the column (joy!joy!) there is a story about Christopher Kennedy Masterson, who plays the big brother on Malcolm in the Middle. He has been making one segment of the four-part black comedy, Back in Black, for VH-1 in which he and Eric play two serial killers.

It seemed like for awhile it was so hard to find Eric mentioned in any of the syndicated columns. I kept reading about other celebrities over and over again but nothing about Eric. Now, suddenly, Marilyn Beck has apparently noticed him. If you recall, she also wrote about him on July 4th. THANK YOU, MARILYN!

July 9, 2000. I have been waiting for a long time to see updates on the Official Eric Roberts Web Site. If you have also been waiting, please send email to Aaron Stipkovich, at webmaster@safesearching.com and let him know.

Restraining Order

July 4, 2000. According to Marilyn Beck, Eric's daughter Emma, (from his relationship with Kelly Cunningham) who is now 9 years old, has just finished her first movie playing Johnny Depp's daughter. Eric was quoted as saying "She's never wanted to act before and when I asked her why she wanted to do Blow, she said, 'Because I get to say the f-word in it.'" Emma's step-mom, Eliza, has two children of her own by her previous marriage, 18-year-old daughter, Morgan and 21-year-old son, Keaton. Keaton's band has a web site at FlyingBaboon.

Eric and Eliza will be celebrating their 8th anniversary on August 16 in Montreal where Eric is making the movie Stiletto Dance for HBO. There is a chance that his next project will be the role of the villain in Domestic Disturbance with John Travolta.

June 28, 2000. According to TVNOW, Wildflowers will be on television Sat. July 29 and Sun. July 30 on the Romance Classics channel. This is the first I'd heard about where it might be seen. My cable company does not offer Romance Classics but there has just been a change of ownership and they might be offering it by July 29. It's a race against time!

After the American Film Institute published their list of 100 funniest films last week, my local newspaper printed lists they collected from members of the public and from employees of the newspaper. The editor of that section of the newspaper chose The Pope of Greenwich Village as the #1 funniest film (ove r such things as Monty Python and the Holy Grail!) so, of course, I had to email her and ask her why. She replied that she could not explain it but that several scenes in The Pope of Greenwich Village, especially the scene where they are playing stick ball, just cracks her up. She thinks that Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke are the world's two funniest living humans! Go figure!

June 26, 2000. According to the Q&A column in my Sunday paper, Falcone is not dead yet. It is still under consideration as a midseason replacement. If so, there will be new episodes and considering the plot up to now, Eric will have to be in it, at least for awhile.

Please remember that Eric has Two Shades of Blue coming out on DVD June 20, La Cucaracha and Trip Fall on video June 27th, and Restraining Order coming out on video July 18. I will start posting reviews soon.

June 23, 2000. Race Against Time (formerly Gabriel's Run) will premiere on Sunday, July 23, 2000, on TNT.

Two Shades of Blue May 31, 2000. Cecil B. DeMented has finally turned up in the Internet Movie Database and Eric is in the credits playing Honey's (Melanie Griffiths) ex-husband. The movie premiered at Cannes May 17 and is scheduled for limited theatrical release on August 11. "Limited" probably means NY, LA, and Baltimore! The previews at MovieThing.com and Upcomingmovies.com do not shed any light on Eric's role. I assume that it is small.

May 1, 2000. This just in from Xavier: Eric just got finished shooting the L.A. Confidential pilot episode with Kiefer Sutherland.

I just heard that Two Shades of Blue will be released June 6. The price I saw was $104.99 for the VHS and $13.99 for the DVD. Time to buy a DVD player! La Cucaracha and Trip Fall will also be released on video in June. Restraining Order will be on video July 18.

Apr. 29, 2000. I just saw the video Agent of Death (the working title was The Replacement) and it is a must-see for Eric Roberts fans. I thought that two of the fight scenes were extreme! Read more.

Apr. 16, 2000. Thanks to Roe for sending info on getting a tape of Eric's appearance on Live! with Regis and Kathy Lee

Thank you to everyone who sent email to USA Weekend but it didn't do any good. They have refused to put him back on their celebrity birthday list. They have not given me a reason. Entertainment Tonight has also removed him from their birthday list. They also declined to give me a reason. I am truly puzzled about this. He is a steadily working actor no different from many of the actors that are on their birthday lists and he has been on both of their birthday lists in the past. I am perfectly willing to accept things that I understand but I am having a problem with this.

Apr. 13, 2000. People have been helping me with Eric's biography, first in English, then in Italian. I tried to do Spanish and French with Babel Fish which didn't turn out too good. I hope to get help correcting them. Someday I would like to have his biography translated into more languages. Danish, Dutch and Hungarian to name a few. My goal is to have something for everyone.

Apr. 12, 2000. The Boston Globe review of Falcone was decidedly mixed but the reviewer liked Eric, saying: "Only a raving Eric Roberts, who plays the mob boss living in a psychiatric hospital, brings true electricity to the proceedings, but he appears but a handful of times in the first four episodes. He also adds a blackly comic element sorely missing elsewhere on the show."

Mar. 30, 2000. Update on Falcone: In the pilot on Apr. 4, Ricci (Eric Roberts) takes over after the local crime boss is murdered. On the Apr. 10 episode, Francesca (Patti Lapone) tries to turn Joe (Jason Gedrick) against Ricci and Sonny. And on Apr. 12, Francesca convinces Sonny to turn state's evidence against Ricci. That's apparently all the episodes that were made. If ya want em, ya better tape em!

I am disappointed that the filmography at Eric Roberts' official web site is so out-of-date. I thought, because it is the official web site, that it would be up-to-date and would be the best source for information about his films. The filmography still lists the old titles for at least 4 films that have had name changes:


And info that another film that is not on the filmography will be released in October:

March 22, 2000. I just saw a tiny mention in Variety magazine that there will be a film called The Flying Dutchman starring Eric Roberts, Rod Steiger and Catherine Oxenberg produced by Hannibal Pictures. It is described as a gothic horror film. It was filming in Darby, Montana, early this month.

Also, I found a close-up photo of Eric in The King's Guard that you might want to see.

The Unconcerned which filmed in April in Montreal is scheduled to air on HBO on Mar. 24 with the title No Alibi. The TV-Now description says -- In a terrible case of mistaken identity, innocent businessman Bob Lessing (Dean Cain), becomes the target of ruthless Vic Haddock (Eric Roberts), who mistakes Bob for the petty thief who made off with a large stash of drug money. But it's a little more complicated than that.

Feb. 25, 2000. The Unofficial Eric Roberts Web Pages are under construction. I thought of taking them down but decided instead to change some things. Take a look around and see.

Small item in yesterday's paper about Cecil B. Demented says it stars Melanie Griffith and Alicia Witt. Apparently in this movie Alicia Witt has the most unusual sex scene ever filmed -- with a GERBIL ! An article in Variety magazine said that Eric Roberts had been cast in a role in this movie but I haven't been able to find any other information. Guess we have to wait and see.

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