Formed from the ashes of a previous Birmingham based band, Hollow in 1999. Frog founder Barm along with fellow member Matt managed to find about the only drummer within 50 miles who could actually play his songs, Neil (who also plays in Benediction). The ethos behind Frog was to do some MESHUGGAH covers and maybe write some of our own stuff influenced by our favourite bands, namely:

MESHUGGAH, Cynic, Steve Vai, Cardiacs, Slayer, The Aphex Twin, Jamiroquai, Orbital, Suffocation, Biohazard, Korn, System of a Down, Cold, Today is the Day, Iron Monkey, Ozric Tentacles.

After playing together for a while and writing one or two songs, vocalist Dave was asked to add another project to his list which includes Mistress and Benediction (plus something terrifyingly evil), and the band was complete. the writing process isn't the fastest in the world, given the complexity of the material, but to date 8 original songs have been written, and gigs are being undertaken to slay the false metal masses................


Barm  -  Ibanez 7string/supreme bitch (it's also a guitar)
Matt   -  Madison 5 string bass
Neil    -  Yamaha kit + some really nice zildjian 'K' cymbals
Dave  -  any old singing stick with a knob of second hand lung butter

Press reviews:-

'Gnat's chuff - tight as _'_____________'___was enough to make everyone else around here just give up right now.'