Holcomb Family

Generation 1

Thomas Holcomb was born 1601 in England and was not the son of Gilbert Holcombe.  He died 7 September 1657 at Windsor (now in Hartford Co.), CT and is believed to be buried there.  According to Bob at the Windsor Historical Society, Thomas Holcomb's original gravestone is not in the Palisado Cemetery and is lost, missing or unreadable.  Bob has been searching for it.  A memorial stone has been erected in the Granby Street Cemetery at Simsbury, CT.  Thomas Holcomb emigrated to New England aboard the Mary and John in 1630 and married Elizabeth 14 May 1634 at Dorchester (now in Suffolk Co.), MA.  She was born c1617 in England and died 7 October 1679 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.  Her surname was not Ferguson.  She married second to James Eno 5 August 1658.  He died 1682.  James Eno had married first to Hannah Bidwell who died 1657 and married third 29 April 1680 to Hester Williams who died 1720.

Children of Thomas Holcomb and Elizabeth:

  1. Elizabeth Holcomb
  2. Mary Holcomb
  3. Abigail Holcomb
  4. Joshua Holcomb
  5. Sarah Holcomb
  6. Benajah Holcomb
  7. Deborah Holcomb
  8. Nathaniel Holcomb
  9. Deborah Holcomb
  10. Jonathan Holcomb
Child of James Eno and Hannah Bidwell
  1. Sarah Enno

Generation 2

Nathaniel Holcomb was born 4 November 1648 at Windsor (now in Hartford Co.), CT and died 5 March 1740/1 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.  He married first Mary Bliss 27 February 1670 at Springfield, Hampden Co., MA.  She was born 23 September 1651 and died 1722.  For information on her ancestry see the Bliss Family.  He married second to Sarah 17 January 1722/3 or 16 January 1725 at Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT.  She was born 8 September 1651 at Windsor (now in Hartford Co.), CT and died 11 September 1722 at Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.  She had married first before 1692 to Josiah Owen (1651-1722).

Children of Nathaniel Holcomb and Mary Bliss:

  1. Nathaniel Holcomb II
  2. Mary Holcomb
  3. Jonathan Holcomb
  4. John Holcomb
  5. Martha Holcomb
  6. Hannah Hester or Esther Holcomb
  7. Elizabeth Holcomb
  8. Katherine Holcomb
  9. Margaret Holcomb
  10. Sarah Holcomb
  11. Benjamin Holcomb

Generation 3

Katherine Holcomb was born 1689 and died 1769.  She married Joseph Messenger 1707.  He was born 1685 and died 1763.  For information on his ancestry see the Messenger Family.  They probably resided at Granby, Hartford Co., CT and had the following children:
  1. Sarah Messenger
  2. Joseph Messenger, Jr.
  3. Jehiel Messenger
  4. Isaac Messenger
  5. Catherine Messenger
  6. Elijah Messenger
  7. Nathaniel Messenger


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Pedigree chart prepared by Don G. Olmstead

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14 November 1997