Our Debut Album "Will It End?"

Radio Interviews
Commercial Radio 2 (10.12.2005): with 2 acoustic guitars, Leo & Patrick will play 3 songs and be interviewed by DJ Inti
Program & Place : Having Band Time , Commercial Radio 2
Time & Date : 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm on 10.12.2005
Interviews Part 1 : 10 Years' Experience of Being Fruitpunch (time:9:41; size:1.42MB)
Interviews Part 2 : Bitter-sweet Journey in Recording <Will It End?> (time:21:49; size:3.73MB)
Interviews Part 3 : Fruitpunch's 2005 Most Favourite Band Album (time:23:35; size:3.61MB)
Live Songs : (1). Below the Line (time:4:29; size:696KB)
(2). Please (time:4:22; size:677KB)  
(3). Merry Chritmas, the War is Over
(a tribute to John Lenon)
(time:3:30; size:546KB)

Metro Radio (22.9.2005): as it's not possible to wait unit Leo back, only Patrick could go . . .
Program & Place : SchoolLaLa, Metro Radio (Entertainment)
Time & Date : 11:00 pm on 22.9.2005
Interviews Part 1 : Meaning of Being Fruitpunch (time:1:45; size:278KB)
Interviews Part 2 : Living in Plastic CIty (time:2:05; size:328KB)
Interviews Part 3 : Why Watch Myself (time:1:57; size:309KB)  
Interviews Part 4 : The Road Ahead (time:1:44; size:276KB)
Fruitpunch Debut Album "Will It End?" Review

Text : 袁智聰
Post Date : 2005-09-26
If Fruitpunch could appear in the 1980's, they would probably be regarded as a low profile band by others. At that time, in the local indie scene (used to be called underground music), those bands, who were influenced by post-punk music and played dark and sad music, were classified as ‘low profile', the coolest musical admiration. They might be able to challenge such bands like Octave of Prayers if they played 17 or 18 years earlier.

Although local independent band Fruitpunch just released their debut album "Will It End" this year, they have been formed for a long time. They had their first live show as early as 1997. At the beginning, Fruitpunch were a full band with 4 members, but now only Leo(lead singer/guitar) and Patrick (lead singer/bass) remains in Fruitpunch. Recently, they use a drum machine to replace drummer. It is sure that they already planned to record their album many years ago and "Will It End" is the product of Leo and Partick, with the help from their friends in the HK indie scene like Ming@JoyTrendySound.

Fruitpunch are regarded as a post-punk band, and Leo & Patrick often talk about Joy Division and how they are deeply affected by it. However, Fruitpunch are different from the current British or American new wave post-punk bands such as The Strokes, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, The Bloc Party etc. Fruitpunch yells quietly and reradiates the accumulation of bitter and drowning feelings. In facts, sadcore bands like Radiohead and Red House Painters also greatly influence Fruitpunch, so I would say that Fruitpunch are a band between Post-Punk and Sadcore.

The ambient and sentimental songs Will It End and The End are the first and last songs in the album. These songs perfectly express their despairing and isolating feelings. Right after Will It End, Our Future is a song with an alternate shifting between ambient and pale folk music and loud distorted guitar arrangement. To make the song explosive, Leo plays violent and maniac guitar with extreme loud volume at the finale. From Folk to (Post) Punk, a hint that this band were named as Fruitpunch (Folkpunk).

But there are some moments that Fruitpunch are 100% Post-Punk. While experiencing the wildness in Below The Line, we could hear the sharp-edged guitar and droning bassline come together to make it shine. It can also be regarded as a goth number. The Last Scene is a song with much tension under raging guitars, and even the lead singer's voice expresses indifferent and lifeless feelings. However, the above-mentioned songs are the only two upbeat songs in the album. Game of The Few obviously is a Joy Division-style downbeat song. As Leo unconsciously sings with a despairing voice like Ian Curtis, you may even feel they are trying too hard to re-create the sound of Joy Division.

The falsetto in The Sound of Night clearly shows the influence of Thom York to them.

I like Patrick's fluent and melodic bassline, and it is the origin of Fruitpunch's low profile feelings. "Will It End" is an album mostly comprised of moderate to slow songs. In order to build up a sensational image, they have included a piano ballad No Feedback; a quiet number Watch Myself and a dark-folk song Please. These songs create a sentimental and empty atmosphere that breaks our hearts.

In these years, Hong Kong is lacking of bands like Fruitpunch which try to move us and make us cry.
(translated by Leo & Bun@Fruitpunch)

Text : Chris B
Date : Dec,
This debut release from this band is a long time coming. Formed since 1997 as a full band, they are now down to two persons - Leo & Patrick, who both sing and both play bass and guitars. Using a drum machine, their album is very unexpected for an independent Hong Kong production.

The opening track "Will It end?" is an acoustic number that veils what the listener is actually going to hear.
"Our Future" - very smooth bass line and a Joy Divisionesque hook of "Can you tell me what our future will be?" Unfortunately, this track degenerates into a noisy mess at the end - I'm guessing Fruit Punch aren't too positive about our future?

"Plastic City" - interesting harmonies occuring here, the chord progression is catchy. The strained singing on the chorus is a little bit unsettling although I like the power chords on the guitars....

"Blew the Line" - Like the vocals on this one. There's a lot happening in this song and it's reminiscent of a 70s punk ballad. Like the guitar riff and solo work. Interesting lyrics to this song. Fruitpunch certainly write about what is important to them.

"The Last Scene" - Unexpectedly Echo & Bunnymen like start. This track is my favourite from this album

"The Sound of Night" - A Beatles inspired track. Kudos to these guys for giving their falsettos a chance.

"Game of the Few" - Interesting chord progression. Rather depressing lyrics reflecting the songwriter's inability to influence the world around him. I quie like the chorus to this track.

"No Feedback" - The piano intro is a nice way to lead into some strange lyrics.

"Watch Myself" - Nice simple guitar work on this track makes it very appealing.

"The End" - A fitting end to a fine experimental album with highlights and lowlights.

If you think HK is only made of Canto-pop artists, this CD will definitely shake you up and make you realise you need to get out of your bubble and watch some bands at Underground.

Genre labels in music often just provide a level of comfort for retailers and shoppers, but with Fruitpunch running such a wild track between goth, industrial, and Britrock a hint as to what to listen for would be appreciated. The polish and clean production values of Will It End? raise hopes, but then sadly the rest of the CD settles in. Influences range, possibly, from Elvis Costello to Joy Division, and so it's hard to imagine that the band is most guilty of monotony. Partrick Wong and Leo Cheung let already weak vocals drown under sudden guitar onslaughts and the second half of the CD falls into a droning, downbeat rhythm that would hold promise if not for the uniformity of it all. Plastic City, The Last Scene and Game of the Few all begin well, but Cheung and Wong don't follow through, focusing instead on separating themselves from the rest of the HK indie scene for the sake of it. Will it end? Who cares. Will it truly begin? EK
BC Magazine, 15 September 2005
Fruitpunch in Apple Daily Newspaper on 30.9.2005
Fruitpunch released album financed by them solely
Apart from editing high school teaching books everydays, Leo (an underground music singer-song writer) uses all his energy in creating alternative music. Ten years ago, he has formed a band called Fruitpunch with four music comrades. However, only two members remains now. Leo is responsible for guitar and singing; team-mate Patrick is responsible for bass guitar and keyboard.
Factory Live Show
While insisting their music dreams for so many years, Leo and team-mate have used their own amoney to produce their debut album "Will it End ?" . Finally it's been released, and there are 11 english songs in the album. The music and lyrics are all created by Leo. Several days ago, they performed a mini live show at a specially chosen factory flat in San Po Kong. Although there were not many audiences, they still gave all they had to the audiences. Morever, Fruitpunch is going to perform in "Mack the Live Show 2005" tomorrow, and numerous alternatice bands are involed in the show too.
(translated by Bun@Fruitpunch)
Debut Album Released Concert Performed Successfully (By Bun on 11.9.2005)
Fruitpunch debut album released live show has performed successfully at Imnet on 10.9.2005.
Thanks for your coming and you are the best supporters in the world.
Withour your support, Fruitpunch won't be here to play for you. Hope to see you in the next live show.
Printing Debut Album (By Leo Cheung on July, 2005)
We are now printing our debut album "Will It End?" but we will postpone our launch to the end of August due to marketing factors.
We would like to thank Ming@JoyTrendySound for his marvelous mixing and mastering.
It really means an end of Fruitpunch's first stage and a start of our second stage.
"Will It End?" is Comming (By Leo Cheung on April, 2005)
Our debut album is coming! This album is called "Will It End?" and will be presented by our own label ‘Folkpunk Music' instead of "Harbour Records".

It will definitely be released by July and we are planning a release concert.

Sorry for postponing the release of this album so many times. We will keep informing you the latest newst album has to be launched.
Fruitpunch in "In The Name of AMK" (By Leo Cheung on Dec., 2004)
Fruitpunch debut album has to be launched by around April next year.

We have to queue because Harbour Records ( 維港唱片 ) is a small independent label and they do not have enough labour force to speed up the final preparation.

So please wait and support us and Harbour Records. However, something you don't have to wait—buy ‘In The Name of AMK'!
After 10 Years (By Leo Cheung on Feb., 2004)

It is never an easy thing to play music in Hong Kong. Of course it's same for us. We have planned to record our own album since ten years ago. At that time, our skill was really naive and we even did not have a drummer keeping beats steady. Ten years have passed and we are so happy that our basic line-up can be maintained.

We have limiting resources. We want to play electronic and dance music but we don't have that kind of machines. We want to play folk music in live performance but we have only three. That means we do not have an additional acoustic guitar when playing live. We want to have a good drummer which can govern different kinds of elements we play but we never meet one. So the only compromise is a cheap drum machine which makes us feel confident to play live. It's hard to imagine some live punky songs with a drum machine.

We have used almost two years to produce our debut album. We did not have basic knowledge of recording and we were learning by trial and error. After all the songs have been recorded, we asked Ming (JoyTrendySound) to listen to them. His reply was, 'the sound quality is not up to the standard that they can be played by a HiFi. The balance between different tracks is not properly tuned. The guitar is too dry. The bass guitar is too behind...' That was one year ago.

We do have supports from others. Firstly, we thank Ming for mixing our recordings. Without him, we might have to launch our album in mp3 quality. Hopefully we are able to have it ready by April or May. We also thank Tommy Chung, the boss of 48th Street Chicago Blues, for letting us play constantly at his bar and giving us valuable opinions.

Our projects never come to an end. We are now preparing our second album. And we hope we have more chance to play live this year.

Style of Debut Album (By Patrick Wong on Nov., 2003)  

We have recorded all the songs and initially wanted to launch it by the coming Christmas. But we find that the quality of sound had to be improved, so we will launch our album by April 2004.  Furthermore, we wish to thanks Ming (from JoyTrendySound) for helping us to fine-tune our recordings.

Moreover, we would like to take this opportunity to make introduction to our album. The name of this album is "Will It End?". Maybe from it you will find elements of Joy Division, Radiohead, Red House Painters or Cocteau Twins. We believe that we are not simply a copycat and we have made a unique Fruitpunch sound which integrates the bands we like. Also, we regard this album as a concept album.

Finally, we once again thank for those who care our music. Though we are not a professional band in terms of skills, we are a serious and expressive band. It is the greatest achievement of us that our songs can move someone.


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