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Full Gallop is a game for horse lovers all over. The game (hense the name) is all about horse racing.

12.10.02 - Full Gallop is now open! Join now!
12.12.02 - Kim is co-owner, GOE is up, Go to vet!
12.14.02 - Everyone!!! Post at least once a week on Chat or your horse w/ most points is taken away!
12.15.02 - We have almost 25 registered horses!!! Auction on talk!
12.17.02 - Theres a Foal Registry! Guys, every week, you must check the Disasters Page! I will not email you about it
12.18.02 - Caption Contest Winner posted! Thank you all for participating.
12.18.02 - I just noticed that most members are not boarding there horses anywhere! You have to board somewhere in your conference or your horses will be taken away!
12.19.02 - PLZ buy tack! Go to vet! PLZ Enter WRW, UGO, GOE!!!(events) New Contest!!
12.19.02 - New disaster up! New association!
12.20.02 - 5 contests running!!!
12.21.02 - Today all foals turn 1 y/o!!!
12.23.02 - Everyone disaster page. ASAP!
12.25.02 - Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays!
01.06.03 - All the race conference pages are up and running! CHECK DISASTERS!
01.07.03 - January Auction up in Chat! You must read the Auction Rules first! 4 polls up in Poll! You have to vote in at least one!
01.08.03 - Everyone is allowed to register 2 new horses this week! (until 1/10/03)
01.10.03 - UGO Race results are posted!! Update your horse(s) Points!!
01.11.03 - theres 2 new disasters!! CHECK THE DISASTER PAGE!
01.11.03 - WRW Results! Hopefully WOGO Results!
01.12.03 - Doing WOGO Results. New horses at Auction! DISASTERS!
01.13.03 - WOGO Results are up! New rule - see Titles/Points/Money!!!!
01.14.03 - New personalizing pictures section! Get your horses Pic(s) personalized!
01.19.03 - Check Disasters!! 2 new Events! BE MORE ACTIVE & POST ON CHAT!!!!
01.24.03 - TBA's Opening Show Day 1 results have been posted!!!
02.05.03 - February Auction up!!! Only 6 Arabs will be sold! Im adding more horses in the adoption!!!
02.14.03 - Happy V-Day!!!
02.16.03 - Several Auctions up all over Chat. New Chat Rule. New Chat section, and page for auctions. New events and polls
02.17.03 - Chat re-configuration. Several polls in Chat: PLZ vote! New contest: PLZ enter!! Full Gallop World Championship is up and running!!
02.20.03 - UEC's section of the FGCC has been run! Results are up!

This is a simulated game. Nothing, but the love for horses, is real! Game is based on Equine Fantasy

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