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To buy a house click the link at the bottom of the page. You require property to build a stud, boarding barn or a tack/ feed shop.

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White Oak Acres - FOR SALE!!!

This is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house located on 150 acres of land. Theres 2 small barns, 10 stalls in each, a medium indoor and outdoor arena, 2 tack rooms, 1 feed room, and a hot walker.

Sold Houses


This is a gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. Theres 1 HUGE barn which is equal in size to 3 small barns, 50 stalls in total! Theres 2 tack rooms, 1 feed room, and 2 wash stalls. Theres about 10 large pastures. Theres a large indoor arena, outdoor arena, dressage arena, and miles of trail outback.


This is a 2 bedroom ranch house on 50 acres of land. It has a 1 hay barn, 10 pastures, 3 large barns, and many seperate storage units.

SOLD TO JEZABEL sorry if sp!

This is a 3 bedroom house. Theres 100 acres of land which holds, 2 large stables, a larger indoor, outdoor arena, and x-country course. Theres also 50 acres of trail out back.

House 4 SOLD TO ~*KELLY*~

This 3 bedroom house has almost it all! 75 acres of land, 2 30 stall barns, 2 areanas (indoor and outdoor), a training track (for racehorses), and in the barns: 2 tack rooms!


This is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom ranch house on 100 acres of land. Theres 3 small barns with 30 stalls total, 1 tack room, and 1 feed room in two of them. Theres an outdoor arena, and a small indoor arena. Theres 7 pastures and a hotwalker.


This is an awesome 2 bedroom house located on 75 acres of land. Its complete with 2 large and 1 small barn. Theres 2 tack rooms, 2 feed rooms, and 2 wash stalls. Theres probably 15 large parstures. Theres a large outdoor arena, and a x-country course, but NO indoor arena. Theres miles of trails outback.


100 acres, 10 pastures, 2 barns - 30 stalls in each, 2 outdoor & indoor arenas, 1 bathroom, tack room, mile racetrack, 3 bedrooms


100 acres, 10 pastures, 1 barn - 50 stalls, 1 wash stall & tack room & feed, 1 indoor & outdoor areana, 2 bedrooms


This is an awesome equestrian center with an amazing view. Theres 1 HUGE barn with about 30 stalls in it. Theres 2 tack rooms, 1 feed room, and 2 wash stalls. Theres 1 large indoor arena and 1 small outdoor arena. This is all located on 200 acre of land.

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