Personalized Pictures

Yes, personalized pics have made their way to FG! When you order a pic for your horse, your horse's name (In the registry) becomse 'clickable'. You will be able to click the horses name, and have their picture appear. To see some of Kim's work, Click Here.

Usage Rules:
Yes there are rules.. There always are! lol!
1) You can ONLY order 2 pics PER week. I don't have time for more then that.
2) I will find the pics needed, unless you already have one. If you have a pic you want me to use, you must make sure its not copyrite from another site.
3) I can put text on your picture (Example: Quotes) BUT hey must be acceptable.

Heres some examples of pics i've made. Please note on the order form which style you like best! :D
Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Example #4

Example #5

Currently Personalized pictures is down, it will be up again when i ge everything more organized and have more time..
xox Kim xox