Hi, as you may have guessed my name is Justin and I am currently a junior at Saint Michael's College in VT.  If you are reading this, chances are you already knew that because you know me and you are just reading this to humor me because I said, "Why don't you check out my web page, it's cool!."  My page has a few main sections about my major areas of interest.  This includes Personal Info, Random Info, and what I consider to be the best sport around which is of course RUGBY.  Of course I have other interests but none as major as these, so in an effort to keep this interesting, I I will leave all the boring ones out,   
This section may seem a bit boring, but I felt that I needed to include a little info on who I am.  Well I was born and raised in CT, and spend most of my time here when I am not up at college, or touring with Saint Michael's College Rugby team.  I've held a variety of jobs so far in my life.  Just to name a few I guess I can say that I am a bartender, a certifed body-piercer, inspected airplane parts, special events food caterer, a certified EMT,  and i used to cover duty in the ambulance on Saint Michael's Rescue Squad.  I am a Psychology major with a minor in both Biology and Philosophy.  After graduation I hope to enter a graduate clinical psych program or attend physician assistant school to futher pursue my interests in the medical field. 
    Like I said before I work at a local bar and occasionally fill in part-time as a piercer.  However, I also have a tendency to become a total beach bum and migrate quite often  to the beach for a few weeks.  Here I pursue my interests in surfing, body boarding, skim boarding, rollerblading, and of course tanning and partying.  During the winter up at school I love spending time skiing and snowboarding on some of the best slopes in New England, and make frequent trips up to Montreal.  Finally, one of my hobbies includes competing in USAC (United States Auto-Sound Competitions).  My current car has 15 speakers in it, and I have won four 1st place trophies in three different states  in the SQ 501-100 power class.  I am now working on getting a 3000gt VR4 and putting an entire multimedia system in it that will include video games and a DVD player for those long trips.
The first time i was exposed to rugby was when I was 11y/o at a 7's tournament held at Dylon stadium in Hartford CT.  I really did not understand the game but I instatly feel in love with it.  In the years to come I was unable to do much with my new found love of rugby because there isn't much offered in the states under the collegian level.  Once time came to begin looking for colleges, rugby became one of the musts a college had to have.  When I got to college I signed on with the rugby club.  I played all Fall semester and rugby became a huge part of my life.  Our Fall season is considered our primary season.  Our league consists of University of Vermont, Middlebury College, Keene State, Johnson State, and William's College.  Our Spring season is what we call our touring season.  We are free to schedule whatever games we want and travel around to tournaments.  Over the past three years I have learned to play a variety of positions, and can play any position in the scrum except for hooker.  However my favorite position is flanker because I am able to get the most big hits as teams try to run past the scrum.  It's great laying out another player especially when they don't see it coming.  I love rugby because it is fast paced, hard hitting, and fun.  The game never gets boriing. 
     Another aspect that i love is that our team is like one huge family.  Our college does not have any frats, but our rugby team is as close as it gets.  Unlike other sports, the atmosphere is completely different.  Obviously on the field it can get a bit brutal.  However unlike all other sports, no matter what ever happens on the pitch, who wins or loses, or what is said including the common fights, all is left on the pitch and both teams go out and drink together and have fun celebrating the game.  How can any other sport compete?  Not only are your teammates a family, but all rugby players are part of one huge family.  I also like the structure of our team at St. Michael's.  It is totally player run since we are a club sport.  We scedule our own matches and transportation.   We have done some great things this semester and will be to one of the largest tournaments in New Engalnd this April called the Beast of the East.  It is held in Providence RI, and there is expected to be around 70 mens teams and 30 womens teams.  I wonder if the local police will be prepared for our invasion, and I hope that the local liquor stores are preparing for our arrival.  I have also been re-elected our team's Match Secretary for the second year now which is one of our team's officer positions.  This involves scheduling matches and getting our schedule in order.  So if you belong to a rugby team or club and have any interest in scheduling a match against us please feel free to e-mail me.  We are always willing to play fresh new blood, travel to new interesting places, and leave our mark.
Thanks for visiting my web-site and if you have any questions or just want to please feel free to   e-mail me and if you liked it please tell your friends about it.
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