March 31, 2006: Updated site design and articles detailing Fullsail's new Bachelor's of Science programs.

Fullsail: Real World Education™ ( is a private institution located in Winter Park, Florida; a suburb of Orlando. It offers various Associates and Bachelors Degree programs in areas of multimedia and production for the entertainment industry.

This site provides an essential service to prospective students of Fullsail; giving them a chance to hear the other side of the lies and half-truths Fullsail broadcasts. Fullsail tells prospective students everything they want to hear, glossing over and spinning the downsides of the entertainment industry, to strip them each of immeasurable sums of money. Although I could be considered one of Fullsail's successes, I have seen that the school does not give most of its students what they need to be successful. Prospective students, many of whom are young and vulnerable to Fullsail's deceptive marketing practices, should consider these arguments prior to making a final decision on whether or not to enroll.

Disclaimer: The articles contained within are based upon the first-hand experiences of the author while at Fullsail and beyond, as well as information gained from former classmates, Fullsail staff and independent research. Care has been taken to clearly distinguish arguments based on factual information from speculative assertions. Given the timeframe of the author's attendance, some information (such as names, figures, etc.) may have changed. All efforts have been made to keep information as current and accurate as possible.

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