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Well first off I'd like to thank you for hittin up on my site and I hope that you enjoy what's here. My real full name is Micheal Allen Fuller but the only name I really have is Micheal. You see it's cuz I'm Mike of the Fullers and blah blah blah... but anyways;

Well I'll tell you a little bit about my self just so you can get a grasp on what my page is about. Poetry/lyricism one of my intrests but it is also a artform/ministry of mine. If you don't know I am a Christian and my poetry tends to revolve around my faith and the walk that I have with Jesus Christ as my personal best friend and savior. Yeah you could call me and I do get called a Jesus Freak or Bible Thumper but the one thing you must know is that if I ever preach I'm preaching the truth to you. That's also center to my life/walk is that I'm all about the Truth and the reason I do preach is because of what I have seen, experienced and known (Acts 4:13-21)
But like I said I'm a poet and musician (I play 7-string guitar and bass). I started to learn guitar at first so that I would be able to write music to the lyrics/poemse that I have been constantly writing. Now I play/write hardcore(hxc)/emo core music and play bass for worship in chruch(es). So if your intrested then you can just check out the poems list and go from there. I'll be trying to keep fitting more in on the list.If you're interested in seeing or reading more of them then just mail me a short note or sign my Guestbook so that I can get back to you; if not then it just won't/can't happen.

In the meantime peace, and keep the faith.

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Poetry on love, life, truth
and having faith in Christ

You can also e-mail me at thefullist@hotmail.com if you have any quetions, responses, suggestions, etc...

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