kottonmouth king screencaps by vanessa

full throttle 1 screencaps

See the banner? If you use the pics. USE the banner as well. Can't be all that to hard, can it? Iam Vanessa. These are screencaptures made by me. Love em'? Loft em? You can see much more at the shrine. and while you at it, drop a comment, request or just say something over at the guestbook. - Thank you for reading. Vanessa

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What is THIS? This is a gallery of screencaptures from the Kottonmouth King Video Full Throttle 1

Can I use these pictures? YES! Use these pictures for your own website. All I ask is that you link back to the shrine so others' can take as well.

Why the tags? Because I've already had people stolen whole galleries and that isn't fair for me. It's actually alot harder than you think to make these caps, so please respect the tags and keep them on.