EVENT                                         WON FROM                             CHAMPION

OWENFEST 2001                                                  --                                                  DEZASTER

NO NEED FOR A NAME 2001                         DEZASTER                                            TWIZTID

APOCALYPSE 2001                                         TWIZTID                                               EXTASY

CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE 2001                            **                                                     TWIZTID

ULTIMATE CHAOS 2001                                  TWIZTID                                        ROBBIE BLAZE

DEATHBLOW 2001                               THE ANGLICAN CHURCH                              FLEX FUNK

PLEAD FOR PAIN 2001                                        **                                                 DISCO DUPE
EVENT                                         WON FROM                            CHAMPION

OWENFEST 2001                                                  --                                             ROBBIE BLAZE

APOCALYPSE 2001                             THE ANGLICAN CHURCH       

CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE 2001          LOVELY LANCE CARDINAL                         

ULTIMATE CHAOS 2001                                DEZASTER                                             
EVENT                                        WON FROM                         CHAMPIONS

DEATHBLOW 2001                                              --                  YELTZEN & CAPITOL PUNISHMENT
-- Indicates that championship was won in a match for the vacant title.  ** indicates the title was stripped from the past champion.
-- Indicates the Championship was won in a match for the vacant title
-- Indicates the Championships were won in a match for the vacant titles