'Scottish Mini Tour' was composed for two  reasons. The principal reason will become apparent to the discerning, if they have entered via a subsequent page and are interested enough to continue, following the page sequence...Or by just clicking the above dedication

If they arouse any interest whatsoever, then a third
 reason is realised, in that  whoever  views them, will become better acquainted  with just a very little of what you  might expect to see in the area in which I happen  to live, worth a look, if you are so inclined, my opinion of course, and thus the composition time  has  been  doubly worthwhile.

To those interested enough  to continue, 'bon voyage'...and enjoy your limited travels, but beware the 'ET' diversions, although you can be assured you will survive them in one piece!...Well...Nearly everyone!

Don't forget your umbrella, if  we stop to view : -  
Showersbrolly3 are forecast!

If you wish to commence this mini tour, click on the brolly above.