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Mata Ashita
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w e l c o m e

Welcome to Duck Mansion. This is my third version of my TCG Collection. My pervious site was hosted by Teiko, but she quit so my collection was gone like: bye bye! So there I sat... with no site [not that I cared 'cause I wasn't really playing on any tcg's ^^;] and then a week ago a bomb hit me! it said to me: Fumei restart your TCG collection site and go join some TCG sites XD so that was the wonderfull short story of why this is the third site XD [although it is my old site of the first version ^^; and I'm still loving Teiko for hosting a stupid girl like me and making an layout for me <3]

u p d a t e s

I have just thought of the following! When I'm away but if I have an computer with internet nearby I can still update my collection buy updating it all up on this site XD So this will be my reserve page XD and I'm going to make us of it these coming 2/3 weeks XD
Today's Goal: Getting all active TCG online XD

I supposed to be making reflections for in my portfolio... but I don't feel like doing so Y__Y only 'cause I don't think I will make this year and have to quit school 0o
Besides that I started making an new layout yesterday and I want to finish it XD So my main target for today is finishing and updating my site ^^;

I finally got an trade form! I'm so proud <3 it took me some time but it's finally there <3 btw I have joined an TCG; Puzzlemania which is on hiatus ^^; I'm gonna put the cards up today or tomorrow... a well I mean this week XD [kinda busy ^^;]

Still busy with finding a email form Y__Y but well umh I just joined Sweet Temptation so that would make 2 TCG I have joined XD

I have made everything, except for the trade page. still busy with finding something to make an email form in... So as long as you wish to trade with me please send an email to: fumei.kamo[a] Thanks!

So I have been sick for almost a week 0o got some stupid flew that don't really want to fly away... but it gave me the idea to restart this... umh so I have made an layout and umh... further nothing XD so hang on till the rest of the stuff is on the site XD

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