We Are a Full Swap Couple
We Are a couple who is happily married and lives in Texas. We enjoy meeting other couples who are married or in long term relationships for friendship and than if everyone agrees some hot adult fun. This doesnt mean that everyone we meet we are going to have sex with....it just means if it happens it happens. We have met couples in the past and some of them have become our best friends but we just werent sexually interested in them so it stayed at a friendship level.We go to swing parties and clubs sometimes but most places we attend are off-premise. We enjoy those types of parties cause we enjoy the friendship part of this lifestyle alot and anything else that happens is a bonus! This way at the off-premise places we can meet the people and socialize. We have been to on-premise parties but they are okay once in a while but they are just not for us all the time. We do enjoy a good house party though so if any of you are having one and if you wanna send an invite our way than please do! We travel alot to meet people and we usually plan it as a vacation and meet the cpl or person and take it from there. Our places we have travelled are Iowa, Lake Erie, New Hamsphire and we have others planned. So if you think we might be too far for you to meet well just ask us ..maybe our next vacation spot is with you!

About Tracey
Tracey is 34 years old. She is about 5' 4 130 lbs. She works out daily to keep fit and she is considered very attractive by other guys. Tracey is Bi but not too aggressive in that. That means if we meet a Bi-female or cpl with  a Bi-female in it , Tracey usually doesnt take the lead in making it happen. Sometimes she has but most of the time she will wait for the other girl to start. so if you were to meet us and your a female interested in Tracey..you would have to be the aggressor.Tracey is a wild person in bed so once you get her going she is a tiger! She does not play alone so she is not available for your own little fantasy..so dont even ask.

About Wayne
Wayne is 36 years old. He is about 5'8 160 lbs. He also keeps fit by working out and girls find him handsome and good looking. he is not Bi so guys dont ask! He only likes girls and he is not shy. He is very funny and will probably keep you laughing but sometimes his humor can be unusual to say the least. He is a very nice person who goes out of his way to help and please his friends. He loves sex..loves to see Tracey with another guy and he loves and knows how to please a woman. Women find him charming, funny and attractive. Well thats about it for now. Soon i will be providing links on these pages for pictures so if its not there yet dont worry check back soon..we will have it up and running in no time.
If your interested in meeting us or meeting us at a club just email us at or if you see us on just I.M. us.
Please at this moment we arent looking for any single males so please single males dont bother us. If we want a single male we will contact you.
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We just recently moved to the Texas area and are looking to attend some clubs and meet new friends