I am a fully certified private bartender. Perfect for all your special occasions and parties!!!! Prices are negotiable... Just email me at bexbartending@hotmail.com and let me know the details of your party. Please include the following details in your email: name, contact ( ie. phone number, email ), date of party, expected # of guests, type of celebration, and price range.
I can also help set up, plan or prepare the details for your party! I am full of ideas. 
I am also great for office parties!!!!!!

Hi, I'm Rebecca, the bartender. Welcome to the BEXBARTENDING site.
Thanks for dropping by.
These are just a few of MANY favorites. I suggest you try them,. They taste great! Yes, they are " girlie" drinks, but if they don't taste amazing, what's the point?

Blue Lagoon
1 oz. Rum
Float: Blue Curacao
bar mix
Shake and fill into Zombie glass.

Harvey Wallbanger
1 oz vodka 
Float: Galliano
Build into a Highball glass

Whiskey Sour
1 oz Rye
Bar Mix
Shake into a Whiskey Sour glass

1 oz tequila
Dash: Triple Sec
Bar Mix
Shake into a Champagne glass

Sinapore Sling
1 oz Gin
Equal Parts: OJ and Bar Mix
Dash: Grenadine
Float: Cherry Brandy
Shake into a Zombie glass

Take turns rolling dice, and do as indicated for each number:
2:Player takes a drink
3-4: Player takes number of drinks drawn
5: Player gives out a total of 5 drinks to any player(s)
6: Person to the right of player drinks
7: Person to the left of player drinks
8: ABC game for 1 round ( ie dead celebraties, animals, swear words, etc.. EG.
aardvark, beaver, camel, donkey, and so on) A space of 10 secs. results in a drink for the player!
9: Rhyme Game for 1 round ( person to the right of player gives him a word, player must find rhyming words until the round is over. A space of more than 10 secs. results in  a drink for the player)
10: Player gives out a dare to any other player.... If you don't do the dare, you must chug the remainder of your drink!!!!!
11: Truth. Player can ask any other player any question..... Anything but an honest answer will result in a chug fest!
12: Player makes up a rule!
EG.-Toliet chairman, you become the " Toliet Chairman" and if anyone has to go they must ask permission of the chairman first who puts it up to a vote.... Thumbs up or down. If the vote is no, they are not allowed to ask again for one round.
-No using real names
-No pointing
-Left handed drinking only
-No touching your face
- No saying " drink"
Doubles: Player becomes thumb master until another double is rolled. ( I suggest putting limits on how often one can do thumbs,  because this will slowly take over the game!)

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