Kerri's Page

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Hi, this is my webpage. I am in the process of both creating my own website and learning how to. At least my webcam is up and working now, and I am usually on a lot. So if you are bored, see if I am on :) I'm always looking to meet new people.

I promise I will update this page soon :)

My Webcam:

Since a lot of people ask, no, my webcam does not cost any money. It is set up through iFriends (which is a free service). It loads much faster than using Yahoo, plus I was tired of all the kiddies :P

If you already have a iFriends login ID (with adult area access), Sign In

If you need to register a login ID (with adult area access), it takes about 15 seconds, Create Login Name

My ID is Kerri11083

Pics of me:

More to come...