Christmas Tree Tutorial

BY: Shezgrafix1

Please do not copy this tutorial to any web site without my written permission as I, Copyright 2000 © MJH, all rights reserved, own this tutorial. I don't mind if you share in online groups to learn PSP as that's what I write them for ~ Enjoy If you have any questions please email me at Shezgrafix

Open a 400x400 transparent image

In your foreground color box choose a dark green

Next using the preset shapes tool
with these settings

make a triangle sort of like this (resized for faster loading)

Our next step is:
go to image> effects>texture
and use these settings
Texture 262
smoothness 8
depth 68
ambience 12
shininess 56
color white
angle 151
intensity 35
elevation 54
repeat this step 2 times

now your tree will look like this

Using the smudge tool (the hand on the tool bar), with this settings on the 1st tool settings the size did vary from 2-7 as I went up the tree, creating the limb like look, and do start at the bottom as trees in real life do the same. top branches overhang lower ones and get smaller towards the top


just play with it till it something you like

add a tree trunk too, but first make another layer and drag layer 2 under layer 1, so your trunk will be behind the branches...I used the magic wand and made marching ants around the trunk, filled it with a wood looking background, then used eye candy HSB Noise to try and make it more realistic, merged all visible and added a drop shadow
this is what it turned out to be




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