What are the advantages and disadvantages of going on homestay to learn English?
Recently ,many peple go to homestay to foregin country,to learning English, and learning another country's culture and another customs.  This summer I went to  New Zealand on homestay for six weeks. I had good experience and some bad experience.I would like to tell you about what I think are the advantages and disadvantage of going on homestay.

First I talk about homeatay's good point.
when peple go to foregin alone on first, you have many worries. However, if  you go on homestay,your host family would give us  much advice about foreign life.And I think, homestay is safer than live alone. Also,we have to commuicate in English. If you communicate in English only every day, you will be able to speak English.This is very good point for learning English.Also,we can learn about another country's culture and customs.We can foreign friends.Probably we would make a lot of  great experiences.Experiences that we could never have in our own country.

Next I talk about homeatay's bad point.Not all homestay is good for us.For example,in case the hostfamily can not speak English, we will not be able to commnuicate. We became we will not anoter communication means,and we will not be able to study English.As well as this they may have infants or noisy children.Also,they may not cook meal, they may not talk, they may not give us anythingadvice,then we can not speak to them very well,because our English is poor,and Japanese is usually diffident.

So,when we are going to go on homestay, we should study English and we should have knowledge about foregin, we should plan it carefully before then. Sometimes, we sould speak distinctly.It is very important me.