Funbox Productions was created by David James Lunt of Fort Worth, TX. Funbox Productions has currently produced the short films: 2001: A Lake Odyssey(assistant producer Cameron Casey) & Smokin. David is currently working on future projects and will be adding behind the scenes photos to the photo album.
2001: A Lake Odyssey®    is a tale of a wakeboarding fanatic who goes over the edge in his quest to practice for     the upcoming wakeboarding championship. However his luck will soon run out when he crosses     paths with an over zealous police officer.
Smokin®    is a compilation video of tricks and stunts performed by a talented group of sport bike     riders. Watch them do wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, jumps, you name it and these guys are     crazy enough to do it.
Check back soon as we will be adding these videos to this site as an mpeg. Please e-mail me with any inquiries.
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photo album
Photo Album
photo album
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