Welcome to the Connecticut Bug - A - Fair 2002 !

August 18, 2002

My new beetle, my boy Ian, and I drove up to Terryville, CT to see some beautiful VW's of every description; and (as Ian says) eat hot dogs and ice cream. It was a very sunny day, and hot for CT, at 95F. Some great cars and nice drivers in attendance, including many that I hadn't seen at the other CT shows this summer. Take a look for yourself:

This is my new black beetle in the parking lot next to a yellow one. I liked the contrast.

Pictures of Ian in front of my beetle and behind a slightly modified show entry.

Heres a nice grey NB from New Jersey:

A gorgeous speedster and 2 sweet 914's. Hard to believe those little things share a motor with my bus!

Here's a great, red Type III squareback, with a fastback in the bacground. My brother, Michael, had a '69 T3 wagon as his first car, back in '77.

There were more manxs and other dune buggies than I've seen before in one place:

This blue one was particularly cool. The surfboard display up front was a nice touch:

More Bug-A-Fair shots, including the buses!