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Hevi Machinery – Arabian Anti-Christ –demo ‘03

01. Vision Of Pain
02. Greed
03. Beside the Snake
04. Pain Extreme
05. Hevi Machinery (bonus track)


Finland’s own Max Cavalera, Juha Ahlfors and the rest of his very Hevi posse approached me with their second demo Arabian Anti-Christ …Hmm that may seem funny for about ten seconds, but what the hell has that got to do with anything else in this band? Dunno!? Considering that there were only a few months between this demo and the first one HM has took a good step forward musically. The music is still consisted from simple heavy (for example Sepultura – Roots kind of) riffs, but compared to the first demo there is a little more variation. The singer tries partly another kind of singing …I still like the aggressive screaming best. And there are even some guitar solos included. Anyway the style is still the same – quite American sounding attitude-metal. In their covering letter HM claims to be more of a live band – this could work better live with an aggressive performance. Just leave the Arabian Anti-Christ with his German porno moustache out and you’ll be fine. I hope HM takes a little more time to prepare their next recording. I mean the songs sound a bit like they haven’t gone thru too much trouble making them. Perhaps I could make up something more positive to say; I’m just a bit pissed of right now cause my dog just pissed on the floor and when I took him outside I stepped on a turd. Sorry mates, I just can’t take a band called Hevi MacHinery too seriously. Should I??

2½/5 (Reviewed by Dr. G.O.D.)  




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