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Into the Madness – Demo 2003

01. Ruleplaque
02. Voices in Silence
03. The Pieces of god are Falling Down
04. SpaceCock

This one-man-band approached me with this demo containing 4 songs of some kind of cyber horror metal. The guitars and the vocals seem to be the only elements here which are done manually. Everything else is programmed like they usually are in this kind of music. This is basically the kind of stuff the “true” black metal people hate. But let’s not be that earnest about this now. Lots of synth and techno elements combined with black metal vocals and heavy guitars create a horrorlike atmosphere. This just tends to have too much repetition. The song consist a couple of different parts that are repeated over and over again. Also I would like this to have more heavy and powerful sounds, cause there are much those palm-muted riffs that could use a kind of thunderous heaviness. I think this continual pounding heavytechno would work very nicely on a horror movie soundtrack.


3-/5 (Dr. G.O.D)




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