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Misery Inc. – Suicide Serenade (demo 2002)

01. Suicide Serenade
02. Darkness
03. Life Ain’t Fair
04. Follow
05. Hated (last song)


Yeah, Finland is the cradle of melancholic metal. Misery Inc. is one more candidate to prove that here being miserable generates art. In this case high quality musical art. If only these kind of bands would differ a little bit more from each other. I mean the influence of especially Sentenced can nowadays be heard in so many melancholic metal bands. No exception here. The first thing that came into mind was a little more extreme version of Sentenced. There can be heard influences form for example Children Of Bodom or In Flames on those more brisk parts. I hope that in time this band will find a more unique style, because this is basically really good music. It just lacks some personal edge in my opinion. The musicians and especially the singer are very talented so no wonder they’ve already signed a deal for their debut album. So I bet that won’t be a disappointment for fans of those names I mentioned earlier.

4-/5 (Dr. G.O.D.)




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