I have a personal collection of funeral artifacts that I use for educational purposes.  I have given a number of lectures and slide presentations including a three hour talk on the history of the American Funeral Industry for the 1997 annual Association for Gravestone Studies Conference in Maine and the 1998 annual Association for Gravestone Studies Conference in New Jeresey.  I have also lectured for numerous historical societies and civic groups.  My interest in the subject started in 1995 when I oversaw the archaeological dis-internment of 23  19th century graves.  Since that time I have grown to appreciate the history of the funeral industry.  These objects are an invaulable resource into our understanding of the funeral trade.

From time to time I will preview items in my collection and give as much detailed information as I can about the artifact(s).

It goes without saying that I am always interested in acquiring more pieces.  Please contact me by email

This casket pedestal was acquirired from Bronson & Sons funeral home in Milltown, New Jersey.  The funeral home opened in the early 1920's and is still in business today.  The stand folds flat making it easy to store and to travel to the home for viewings.  Pulling down on the ball in the center releases the center leg so it can be swung out.  Rubber tips on the top bar would cushion the casket. 

The casket pedestal today is painted gold, but originally may have been a oxidized and copper color.  The right photograph shows an advertisement for the casket stand in the 1907 Eckels Undertaker Directory.  The pedestal went by the name "Little Giant" and also "Hercules Folding Pedestal"  They came in a variety of finishes including polished brass, oxidized/copper, plain oxidized, and nickel plate.  They sold between $15.00 and $22.50 depending on the finish.  The attachment on the bottom of the photograph is for a child's casket