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Henrei Rangitto
born May 07, 1985, 18|
eth. filipino-american|
occ. Student @ LCC / team member @ the Juice|
huh? 'we do not stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing' ~unknown


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Friday_072304 @ 22.26

Hey users and bruisers. Sorry again for not updating, I've been busy working and enjoying summer and what's left of it. Don't really know what's going on right now with the part of my life i try to perfect. Today i haven't done nothign except go to work and try to pick up my tips. Apparently, it wasn't ready yet so i'm living off the dollar that I have in my wallet. I went to Border's Books and Music in Waikele and that place rocks. I browsed around, mainly for a magazine with a lot of content. I bought an issue of 'adrenaline' it's a surf / skate / snow magazine. I know i don't do neither but i figured i needed to read something new besides the normal reading material i enjoy. While bbrowsing the recreational / sports and Men's interest, Some guy comes up to me and attempts to make convos. I knew he wanted to recruit me into his business. I found it annoying because i couldnt read when he was talking and all that. no respect. goodness. Streetlights go out when i pass them. lately i've been knocking three at the same time. Is it a sign? I hope so, a good one though.

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Thursday_071504 @ 16.48

I'm trying to stick to my priorities and blog as much as possible but time has been really scarce at the time and i apologize-- even though it's just the few of you. hah.
damn so much has been happening lately. I know my way half way around this island, i know where UH is and all the parking. UH is pretty interesting. I can't believe that UH is where i'm headed. a bigger campus with more diverse people. It scares me but life is life and you cannot always be scared right? work has been grand, kapolei jamba is the "shits" i volunteered my time to get some extra dough considering i've been withdrawing for my own special sake =) ahh gotta save the money yo!
I have a really mean migraine hovering in my head, anyone know how a fast remedy to this? I'm really concerned about this migraine because it has been happening too often and i hope i don't have nothing growing in my head. maybe it's the medicine i take? maybe i have lack of sleep? or maybe i'm just being a stupid doodie head that needs sleep.
I remember when pop rocks were so cool and oreos couldn't change your body in any shape or form... i have a question how does pepsi edge or C2 taste

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Friday_070904 @ 22.51

Word Turds I'm back, Hope you like it, I'll try to make my website a priority now. Sheesh I can't believe i almost lost this gift of web designing. I must admit I have forgotten how to use photoshop now. It's so weird because i could whip up something pretty crazy on phothoshop, but now days i have to step back and do some altering.. it sucks but its for the better. My old work looked to similar to another and i wanted to be diverse about it hehe. This layout sure isn't my fondest nor even one of my good works but gah it'll do, my wake up layout was a bit tiring so hopefully the lost fans that are still hanging on likes this. oh yea, Geocities fukkin rocks screw getting hosted by others. nites

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