Mimi Gillespie



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I was born in Cleveland Ohio. This is where I spent my growing up years. I also have a brother 5 years younger than me. You see, life was good. I am a adopted child. I have the best parents I could ever have. They told me at a very early age that I was chosen. So you can see, unlike some people that have babies have to take what they get. I, on the other hand was chosen by two very  special people, my Mom and my Dad.
We lived in a big house and went to the best schools. I always had what I needed and some extras.
I was a very active child and somewhat of a Tom boy. Some how it was always more fun to play cops and robbers with the boys than trying to put small cloths on a Barbi Doll that was more developed than I was. Oh, how I would love to run and have fun.

My parents saw alot of potentials in me, maybe more than what they wanted. So they enrolled me in swimming classes and I must say I was like a fish in water. I was so good at swimming that i had a chance to try out for the Ceveland Swim Club and made it. I was able to go to many swim meets and I won lots of medals and ribbions.
I did this well into my early teens. I also loved horses and I long to learn how to ride. So Mom and Dad enrolled me in a rideing camp called Red Raider. I was able to learn how to jump horses.I loved every minute of it.

We did alot of travleing all over. We would vist the extended faimly in different states and I always had plenty of cousins to play with.

I love animals of all kind, but most of all the Horse. I love to swim, fish and baoting. I enjoy reading a good book, going to the movies and dinner. I love to traval to different places and learn how people live, and just being with my family and good friends.

I cam not say enough about my Family. I have a 25 year old Daughter and she is the best Daughter a Mother could have. We are all a close knit family and will always love and care about each other.

Mom told me something one time, she said if you can count on your fingers 3 BEST FRIENDS, than you have been very blessed. I can count at least 15. I am so thankful for the friends that I have. They have always been there for me and are the best people that I have had the honer to know.