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click for larger viewName: Raymond Lam    Date of Birth: 12/8/1979 Zodiac: Goat                  Blood type: O                Heights: 180cm             Weights: 155lbs.            Education: College         Language: Cantonese...


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Updates Monday, October 5, 2004

Hi everybody, This is Bonnie's sister. I just update "Twin of Brother" theme song in the music section. I know this site hasn't been updated for a long time. But who cares as long as we still support our idol Raymond Lam. Today I update the song because I want to share it with everyone. I am pretty nice. ^-^. Go see see la  


Qing 5:30 PM Posted

Updates Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Hello everybody!!!! Today, I did a big favorite for you guys which was I finally got a hand onto my Video Clips section. I have uploaded a few clips of each series. Take a look at them and see if you can download or not. Again, those clips are not hosted by me. They are hosted by streamload and, therefore there might be some type of errors occurred sometimes. Anyway, hope you guys will enjoy the clips. By the way, my cousin is going down to New York next next week and he promised me to borrow "LWVB". I'm so so so so happy about that cuz I've always wanted to watch that series for a long time while there is no store around here that I can borrow. Otherwise I will borrow it immediately cuz Raymond is inside and therefore I want to see how good his performance is inside the series. I've heard some not really good comments about him in this series, but at any rate, Raymond is still our Raymond. I will always support him. ^_^

Bonnie 10:00 PM Posted

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        "LWVB" Theme Song (full) by Raymond Lam            


Web Owner's Words

              On the behalf of this site, I would like to thank you all for being so kind to drop by and have a look  at my site. For those of you have visited and left down your valuable messages, I am really really happy about that and words can't be expressed how grateful I am in this time because those messages meant a lot to me and it also helped to improve this site a lot better. Anyhow, as far as the web site goes, a couple of things I would like to point out regarding of this site is that this site is dedicated to Raymond Lam so some of these materials shouldn't be reproduced in any other site. If anyone of you would like to use my stuffs, please seek for  permission first. ^_^ Thank You So Much ^_^

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Updates Wednesday, February 5, 2003

   Have you guys realized something is different from the aspect of my site? Hehe! I've put on a new layout. Yeah....!!! Anyway, I hoped you all like this brand new layout. I know it's not that fantastic, but it took me a lot of time to work on it. Today what I have for you is just one little clip of "LWVB" theme song video under Video Clip in Multimedia & Downloads. Probably most of you have already, but I put in anyway in case for those of you don't have it, so you can download it for an overview. The reason I only have one clip until now is because my computer is just way too slow. Just for one clip, I have to upload it like about 15-20 min. and sometimes the Internet connection is just so terrible that I can't even do all the uploads. So it takes a lot of time. However, I will still try to work that out. Hopefully, it'll increase more and more. In addition, I encourage you to vote for the poll and sign my guestbook before you leave. By the way, if the link doesn't work, please report me or leave your message in my g-book. Sometimes, it'll appear broken link for some reasons because it is hosted by Apparently, it's not my fault, so don't blame me. Thanks!!!! Have a wonderful day here!!!! ^_^

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