1. U luv tu go tu $1.75 moviez~
2. and u luv tu rock up tu $1.50 movies even more~!~!
3. u hate to spend more than $5 for lunchies
4. u turn brite red after drinkin 2 tablespoons ov beer~
5. u look lyke ur 18.
6. u alwayz look up at women, if ur male.
7. u alwayz look up at Chinese men, if ur female.
8. You live at your parents house, and u ain't claimed as a dependent by them.
9. ya sing Karaoke~!~!
10. u eave the plastic on your lampshade for 10 years or so bwahahah
11. u luv watching Connie Chung and Terilyn Joe.
12. u can't bear to throw thingz away~
13. ur dad washes his hair 4 times a year.  EwWww
14. u hate getting B's and start complaining the whole dae long
15. Your house stinkz like preserved fish.
16. Your house smells like Chinese medicine.
17. You have about 12-20 uncles and aunts.
18. Your wife cuts your hair.
19. Your unassisted vision is worse than 20/500.
20. You wear contacts, to avoid wearing your "coke bottle glasses".
21. u've worn glasses since 5 were in 5th grade.
22. You had a bowl cut before.
23. If ya lose a dollar, you dwell upon it fer more then 5 minutes.
24. ur parents own a restaurant, grocery store, or dry cleaner.
25. Ya hair sticks up when you wake up.
26. You get a rush from getting a good deal.
27. You'll make ridiculous offers when bargaining. ("I'll give you $5 for that car").
28. You'll haggle over something that is not negotiable.
29. You love to use coupons.
30. You drive around lookin fer da cheapest gas.
31. You add twice the recommended amount of water when making orange juice from concentrate.
32. You'll squeeze a toothpaste tube down to paper thin.
33. u would've learnt bout sex from someone oda then your parents.
34. You've never seen your parents kiss or hug.
35. You spend six months researching a $20 purchase.
36. You never buy stuff from the concession stands at the movies.
37. You tip 15% or less.
38. You always ask for water when dining out.
39. You avoid the non-free snackz in hotel rooms.
40. You don't mind squeezing 20 people into one motel room.
41. You want your dollar back from the friend who borrowed it right away.
42. You get the runs when you drink lots of milk.
43. You speak "Chinglish", which is 40% Chinese, 40% English, and 20% grunts.
44. ur parents don't want you to move out when you turn 18.
55. Your parents want to live with you when they are old.
56. You say "Aiya!" and "Wah!" frequently.
57. You lie about your kids' ages when going to a movie or amusement park.
58. You lie about your age to get a senior citizen's discount.
59.. You love to play Mahjong.
60. You live like you don't have a dime to your name.
61. You are constantly being set up with uninteresting people by your parents.
62. Your clothes smell like fried foods.
63. You talk at the top of your voice at all occasions.
64. You hate eating cheese.
65. You enjoy listening to sappy Hong Kong pop music.
66. You don't mind working on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's Day.
67. You are a Doctor, Lawyer, or Engineer.
68. The only High School team you were on was the chess club.
69. You don't mind getting bad service, since you can justifiably tip less.
70. You don't mind a 6 hour layover in Vancouver when flying from LA to DC so you can get the cheapest flight.
71. Your mom likes to load up on extra napkins, ketchup, and airline peanuts.
72. You like to wash plastic utensils and reuse them.
73. You lived in the back of your parents' grocery store.
74. When you are at an all you can drink counter, you would fill your drink up to the top just before you leave.
76. You eat rice everyday.
77. You peel the price sticker off to see what the original price was before the sale.
78. You take anything that's free - even if just to cover your desk drawers.
79. When you are at an American restaurant you put the tea bag in the pot of hot water, and not the cup.
80. You never turn on the heater in your house during winter and you tell everyone to wear more clothes.
81. You never use the drier when you have one and you air-dry all your clothes.
82. Air conditioner? What air conditioner?
83. Your parents own a grocery store, restaurant, jewelry store, or video store, but you have to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer.
84. You want to drive a Volvo or Mercedes.
85. Your medicine cabinet is overflowing with expired drugs just in case.
86. You think crushed ice is a dessert.
87. You wear slippers that make thwapping noises.
88. You have plush toys in the back window of your car.
89. You cheer every time you see a Chinese person on TV
90. You eat all those weird candies. (White rabbit, sugus, gummy things, dried plums).
91. Your parents use all those Chinese medicines. (Man Gum Yau, Bak Fa Yau).
92. You have a home Karaoke system.
93. You wear an article of clothing at least twice before you consider washing it.
94. You were always too modest to take showers in gym class.
95. Every time you barf, you're amazed at how much rice you see.
96. As a kid, you hated running into your friends at the supermarket when you were with your parents.
97. Your parents talk WAY too loud.
98. u have a chinese knick-knack hangin on ur rearview mirror~!
99. u have more than 5 remote controlz in ur TV room kekeke
100. u unwrap xmas gifts veri carefully, so u can save and reuse the wrapping (and espeshally those bows) the next year
101. u have stuff in the freezer since da beginnin ov time
102. u alwayz leave ya shoes at da door
103. u play a musical insturment....as least 1
104. u twirl the pen around ur fingers
105. u have tupperware in ur fridge with 3 bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing
106. u bring oranges (or other produce) as a gift to other people when u visit em
107. even if ur alreadi full, if sumone ses they're going to throw away the leftovers on the table, u'll eat em newayz
108. when there is a sale on toilet paper, u buy 100 rolls and store them in a closet
ArE u rEaLlY aZn?~?~ O_o