Easter Youth Camp 2002: FERNGULLY LODGE
Harlo everybodi!~ 29-31st of march wuz spent at this place near Healesville called Ferngully lodge...n it wuz real KEWL! Except for the fact I had sewerage outside my dorm >_<
Angels and Mortals was played agen...Mel Chiew was Junez ever so sweet AnGeL and Justin Yap wuz her mOrTaL~ haha...geez.. "i wasn't dat obvious!" =P
hehe...sure June~..."WhAt JeZ~!?"Jez didn't even have any MoRtAl~ hey but i still did stuff for people But year 7 Jeremy was his AnGeL, awWwW -.-lll.oO( b4 u came...I was the only Jeremy... )
Oh yeh and don't forget bout the *Swiping* of um...yeh :)  u all knoe wot! Then there were da auctions which took ages, where da leaders were cheaper than the props! $30,000 for cheapo made-in-china face paint~
-.-lll.oO( sum one said that we needed it so wat can i do~!? )
BoOt CaMp~!~! *ouch* are ur muscles hurting from the exercises we did at 7 everi mornin~
Wah shiok man~...leaders SO nice and let me sleep first day in da mornin'...everyone had fun trainin' i'm sure ^.~
GROUP 5 chant:
We're the Fob Squad that's our name, from the boat is where we came, we're the best we'll beat chu all, squat and shoot we'll make u fall~ Fob squad 1-2, Fob squad 3-4, Fob Squad 1-2-3-4
"Don't forget the Apple!" - Timmy K, while Enoch was singing Hero to Yvonne
"Should we take the Honda..or the Honda??"-Jez
"umm..Maybe the Honda"
- June
" *click click*marrr marrr..."christian"...marrr marrrrr *click clik* " - Justin Chia "OVERLOAD!"
- Aaron Yuen in his group's chant
'Asians always eating rice...Peking Duck is really nice
Play DDR till out legs get sore...some of them go real hardcore
Chinatown's our favourite place....Asians are the superior race'
[....not fully completed....]
GRRRrrRR can't believe we came last :S peehee Did we even find any of those figurines? Well we went out going "He-man where are you?" but yeah...we tried~

hahahah!~ okies thnx to Jezzy we have the grp picture!~!~!~ Jez is near the left corner hiding away!~!~!~ and...OK....guess who i am?? i'm just too brite :0
Justin Chia & Jez~
aww~...Tabby and Yappy