!~!JuNiEz PaLz!~!
DiZ pAgE iS dEdIcAtEd tO mE fRiEndS~  I dunno wat i'd do wivout all of yaz :p  Fanx fer alwayz being round fer mehz!~

AlLan LiM!~ Yo dudies wassup :) hmmm u owe me a note still~!~!
CaRoLyN nG!~ Can u balance properly yet? we get high on ABSOLUTELY NARFING~!
DaViD CaO!~ Davo's da ladayz man ya'll *winks*
FoScA HoNgGoWiDjOjO!~ This gal is SO SO sneaky *nerner*

kAyLeNe AlLgOoD!~
I must say, this chick is one PRETTY coool gal :p
kAoRi sHiMaDa!~ u make us all larf so so much!! The bizarre things u blurt out!
Li ChInG oNg!~ u and marc are so kewt togethers mwahaha
LuCy cHeN!~ OH NO! *gasps* Look at ma hair! <-- fashion chick ere!~
ShEeNa ChAuDrY!~ Don't get toooo into lucki cups and sticka fotos now~ hehehe


FiOnA aN! IGS (IB)~ Ma li'l fi's all grown up now *transmission's all fuzzy* "bZZzZZ" i can't hear ya fiii~!~!~ "wah?" nOOOoOOO haha
MeLaNiE LiM! PLC (IB)~ whenever ur round her it's all larfing non stop to the max~ and all u hear is gigglez!!

Aaron YuEnNy! Glenwaverly~ Ur haircut!!! *gasps* U can seeee~
cLaRiCe LiM! Wesley~ Sowee bout crackin ya CD case...*looks down*
DaViD OoN! Haileybury~ cant believe it!!! U're a haileybury boi~ *sigh* tsk
JeReMy pHeY! Haileybury~ I won against u at pool~ 5-1!! u go jappy jezzy buff n stuff boi :p
JuStIn ChIa! MGS~ ur so rawkin and sliding it ain't farni~!!~ *ROWR* ma husband~
JuStIn YaP! Haileybury~ Josh is MINE~ how dare u make a move on him!! *whack bonk*
LiAnG cHu! IGS~ Silly LUng! stop farting ducky boi :) ur evil! u edited the camp pic!
MeLaNiE ChIeW! Macrob~ You live in Morning Glory!! And wat...u got 53 lip balms??
RaChEL wOnG! PLC~ Don't shop too much wivout mee~~~!!!!! hehe..u paul frank fanatic
SaMaNtHa SoH! East Donny~ u dun realise how much i missed ya when u were off in Singapore!
SaRaH YoNg! Glenwaverly~ Remind me when it's ur bday, i'll get ya sum braceletz!!!
tAbItHa cHoOk! PLC~ ARh u are kewt as when ur all hyperz!!! HypEr BuDdY to Da MaX~
YeE MeNg tAnG! Haileybury~ Do u see me quiffering yee??? do ya do ya?

AdRiAn LiM! Melb U~ Wouldn't wanna be too great in everything would ya now? 99.4~ :D
aLiStAiR An! Melb U~ Keep that kewt smile on ya face! Almost finished high skool!
TeReNcE! Melb U~ You smarty pantz! 99.9~U gonna be meh mths tutor yar??? :p
AmRuTa BaPaT!~ *smiles* remember when we were obsessed wif nancy drew and stuff?
BeVeRlY tO! PLC~ u "twit"! haha...so every wednesday we're goin exercising yeh???
CaLeB! Camberwell Gram~ wahh u just moved to kew?? so i can't see u as much nemorez at BH!
ChAnTel cOlLiNs!~ Lookin good chazza!~ *thumbz up*
CiNdY LiM! PLC~ Realli kewl chicky to jump round wif!!! *jumpz wif ya*
DiMiTrA gAlaNiS! Donvale CHristian College~ u inspire meh so much bout Christianity~ thnx budz
EdDsTa ShAng! MGS~ Ure allowed to *prod* meh?!  never u teddie! Get off starcraft~
MiChAeL HiNg! Carringba ~ oi YOU! u hear me! Oh fine...don't say hi nemore ;S
PeTeR ChEn! GLenwaverly~"Rite pta is da man in da chicken suit and he luvs 2 eat chicken and da fact that da lil leppers are dying of leprecy is very very funny but there will not b any more gold at the end of da rainbow cus da green lepricorns are doin leperporn"
JuStIn AnG! Sydney Tech~ mumumumchickamum!~ tick tick tick tick tick...boom~!
KeOnG wOnG! MHS~ Alwayz online so late ah! at least got sumone to chat to
MaTt ChIn! MGS~ Ya in da CT 24/7!! ahha ur gonna bleach ur hair agen~?!
pHiLiP cHaN! MGS~ ahhah u spend 24/7 with Shukman nowadayz that all ov us are missing ya~
pAuL Le DuOnG! MHS~ U're such a legend, so deep wif God and all ehehe
WeN Yi tAnG! Melb gals grammar~ Math wizzo!~!!~ Ya ever gonna ring meh!?~ lolz

Learnt the guitar and drums all by herself! "A fast learner" who's realli  kewl and nice and has glittery shiny jeanz!~ hahaha
EsThEr LaM! Strathcona~ The sweetest chick round!
KeViN cHaN! Donny~ kakaka I've still gotta *bonk* u at a game ov golf! Better be nice :S
LyN LaU! IGGS~ U've got da sweetest site wif all em Mornin Glory kinda stuffz
MiChAeL GaRbUTt! Carringba~ Eya seXc boi *winkz* Can't believe u blocked Caz and cary!~
MiChElLe hWaNg! IGGS~ NOoOo ma fave turtle Frankcine is gone? =(
MoNiQuE! IGGS~ Ur adorable when u smile!! *cheezy grin*
RiCkI FuNg! MHS~ Mi and ricki are 98% compatible every1! LOLZ Try it out at his site!
SiAn MuRpHy! Wesley~ U have 54 different handbags!!! *screams* huge paul frank fan eh?
sHaUn! East donny~ ahha totally addicted to CS and comp games~

Mel, Justin, Fi and I!! Yes, just luv dat look Justin!
Jez and Age!
Yee and I at his late bday celebration in 2001 (more in ma 4th page of pix!!)
Justin A. smiling away
Pix of Paul and meh when we met up in ct More pix
Claire Wong~