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Hey there! Welcome to my domain...muwahahaha! Right. Anywho. This page is just pure boredom (if I even spelled that correctly). Sorry, I'm not a computer whiz and I don't know what I'm doing...

I go to high school (I'm a senior!). I love to spend time with my friends, my boyfriend, and my sister. Hmm... what else could I put in here?

Lets see, I'm growing up in Tennessee; where I have learned many things...Such as...don't microwave pop-tarts when they are still in the foil, don't pick fights with folding chairs, and no matter what other people say, big foot does exist!

I am in love with music... Rock music that is...and I love spending time pretending I'm in a band.

Some of the bands I like include...

Led Zeppelin
Spinal Tap
Pink Floyd
MC Pee Pants

and many more...

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