Watch out for those Flying Monkeys
Well here is some pages of random crap that I have hastily put together.... I am 21, from Chester and I hate to talk about myself. Hmm this might be harder than I thought :D

I am a student, hoping to be a lecturer...if only I could stay away from that damn drink!.

I like all kinds of stuff, always open to new things.
My main loves in life are music, my favourite bands are Weezer, NOFX, They Might Be Giants, REM, Muse, Idlewild, THe Pixies, JSBX...gee there are so many but I am sure you get the idea.
I also love art and photography. I like to sketch a lot and I always carry a camera.
I like travelling too, I have been to Australia twice, America and all over the UK.

Of course there are lots of things I dislike too.....I'm not all sunshine and laughter!
I hate discrimination of any kind, so if you have any anti-social veiws don't message me. I hate sandals and socks, what is the point in that?! Oh and so many other things I can't be bothered writing about but if you take the time to message me I am sure you will find out :) If you wanna see some more pictures of me look down.

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Name: Erin Anderson
Hey Look its me!
Im on the beach in Mexico...doesn't it look nice