Baraka Allahu ik(a/kum) بارك الله فيك  / بارك الله فيكم
May ALLAH Bless you all.

Animal Rights

Here you find information about the violations of right of children and animals.

Here you will find interesting links about healing the world.

Dutch Version

Here you will find information in dutch, Also issues that concern the netherlands

The Royal Base.

Read all about Idols. What they mean to fans, links to fansites and message boards.




Heal the world.

What does Heal The World mean to me?

Heal the world means to me that I have to look at my own life what I am doing wrong and how I can change it so that I can also do my share in making this world a better place.

Read more about: what htw means to me

Have you ever been bullied?

Do you know what it feels like to have your creativity stolen from you?

Read more about :Silent Voilence

The Harm of child labour.

Besides the fact that childlabour is something that we should not tollerate in any circumstance it is also harmfull.

Read more about: The Harm of Child labour.

About this page.

All information on this page is put here on my own initiative. Al lot of stories and articles on this page contain my own option, which does not mean that you have to agree with me.

I am just speaking out



What more Can I give

Read about the Michael Jackson and Friends Charity Concerts from 1999

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the royalbase

If you speak dutch and are interested in ISLAM visit this webpage:

let's heal the world together........ the children, the animals should be saved NOW no time to loose...........................We are all responsible!!

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