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Tomorrow (Monday) is looking good for some interesting weather in regards to thunderstorm development. Ealry morning a trough will be aligned from North Wales across to Eastern England. This will then move South and East for the afternoon. The trough line is likely to be the trigger to help a number of factors combine to form some convective activity and possibly some very sharp thunderstorms. Lifted index will be around -2 across the Southern AND Eastern areas and Cape will be likely to climb to 500j/kg by late afternoon. It is likely these factors combined with the trough will cause the trigger of some heavy showers and the odd thunderstorm. Unfortunately sheer as we rise through the atmosphere is little or non existent which means that any thunderstorm activity is likely to last a short period of time and consist of single celled features only. To keep an eye on the situation just check into the GFS and FAX chart section on this site, lots of data in there should help you decide wether thunderstorm activity in your area will spark up!
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Great picture of a rare triple channel strike, all charges originate from the same point high up in the cloud but seperate to cause three different strikes at the same time! Holiday Weather
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The newly discovered planet Sedna has been found to have no moon, this has puzzled scientists as they were almost completely certain Sedna had to have a moon due to the fact it has such a slow spin. The slow spin is indicative of an orbiting Satellite. After Hubble took a peak at the outer body it was concluded there is no moon. There is a small chance that any orbiting satellite could be behind or even infront of the 'planet'  which would obscure it from view. Sedna spins on its axis about every 20 days but no more than 50. Some think the calculations may be wrong but people working on reasearching it say they are correct.
I would like to take the chance to quickly tell you about a new forum which has started out called It is based in Canada and is a fantastic resource for information and interesting articles. The forum is based on Meteorology but also aims to educate people. Its member base is probably one of the most diverse with members from many different countries. It really is worth a look if you have the time.
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