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Funky Monkey Films - 'Schitzomania', Now Available

Schitzomania is once again available for sale, this time offered on DVD as well as VHS.  The VHS version is available in NTSC Format and is currently on sale for $20.00/ea USD.  The DVD version, which includes a Scene Selection Menu and a few minutes of bonus material is on sale for $35.00/ea USD and is currently available in the NTSC Format.  A DVD PAL version is being prepared and will be available for sale soon.

Both VHS and DVD Formats are in stock and will ship 1-3 days after the order is placed.

Funky Monkey Films - New Project

We have  begun preproduction on our 'largest' project to date.  We hope to have up a teaser trailer very soon, but for now I can tell you that this will take place primarily in a city (lots of destruction!) and will feature a combination of blue screen effects, POV shots and other various camera tricks.

We're going all out for this one, and we are VERY excited about the project and have high expectations for it.  Thankfully we've managed to get a little help in our shipping department so that we can ship current movies without taking away from the production of this new film.  So if you haven't ordered Schitzomania yet, please do!  The VHS is on sale for $20.00/ea and the DVD is going for $35.00/ea.  Every little bit helps!

We hope to have more updates soon.

Funky Monkey Films - 'Shrunk: A Love Story' Announced

We will be starting production on our next film, 'Shrunk: A Love Story' with an projected release date of 4th quarter of this year.  For more information click here.

Old News

Funky Monkey  Films – Schitzomania Limited Re-Release

Schitzomania is going to have a final production run for those who didn't get a copy and are interested in purchasing one.  However, we'll be taking a slightly different approach for this release.  Anyone who is interested in purchasing a copy, please email us to 'reserve' your copy.  That will give us an idea of just how many copies to have duplicated.  When it is ready to ship, you will be notified via email, at which point you can place your order.  There is no fee for reserving a copy, and it will be the best way to make sure that enough copies are made without having left over inventory.

You can reserve your copy at:
The film will be available to US Residents only (VHS - NTSC Format)
Approx 1.6 MB

Funky Monkey Films – Trailer Available For Download

As it turns out, most of our time has been focused on the next project rather than the re-birth of our web site.  That being the case, we have decided to simply put the trailer online available for you to download and view.  When will the web site be re-vamped?  No time soon, but trust me that's a good thing.

As for Schitzomania being available for purchase again, that is something that we are still discussing.  More information will be available on that subject by Wednesday.

In the meantime, you can download the trailer at

Funky Monkey Films – Project Codename: Super Monkey

Without letting too much out of the bag, things are underway for our next project.  While I can't provide details of the plot, I can say that we are looking to work with special effects this time around and incorporate blue screen effects for the next movie.  Also, the movie will be the first in a mini-series.

More information to come soon!

Funky Monkey Films – Schitzomania SOLD OUT

Schitzomania is currently off the market as all of the inventory from the last duplication run sold out.  There are plans to have the movie available for sale again, however duplication has been delayed for the time being.

We are looking at a DVD offering for the next run and the possibility for an international release.  As the re-release draws near, there will be more information, a new Funky Monkey site, and, yes, we'll be able to get the Trailer online.  Until that time, our efforts are towards the production of the next project and the details surrounding the re-release rather than updating our temporary webspace.

Funky Monkey Films – Patty’s Day Sale

In the spirit of tiny little leprechauns, pots of gold and of course, GREEN BEER, we here at Funky Monkey Films have a great offer for those who haven’t had a chance to pick up our first production: Schitzomania (starring Stephanie Thorpe and Chip Braeker).

And what is this fantastic offer? Why, the “Save Green For Patty’s Day ˝ off Sale”

That’s right between March 1, 2003 12:00A.M. (Pacific Standard Time) through March 17, 2003 12:00P.M. (Pacific Standard Time) you can pick up your copy of Schitzomania for just 20 bucks!

Get yours today!
Funky Monkey Films – New Project

We here at Funky Monkey Films are very excited with the positive response to our first endeavor into film making, Schitzomania (starring Stephanie Thorpe and Chip Braeker) and while there were things that time and budgetary constraints did not allow, we were pleased with the end result.

Which is why we are happy to announce that Funky Monkey Films and Inner Sanctum Productions will be teaming up for another project to begin shooting the beginning of April! Details on the project are pretty hush-hush right now, but check back often as we’ll be releasing more information as we can.

Right now I can say that we’ll be working with a larger budget, with a better time allotment, which will allow for a huge leap in production value. We are very excited about the prospect!

More information to come soon! And if you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of Schitzomania don’t forget to visit the online store!

Funky Monkey Films – Switching to Paypal

We have officially opened our Verified PayPal account and effective immediately terminated our previous account with the old service. PayPal not only provides a secure method for using your credit cards or debit cards online, but also allows those without credit or debit cards to use their checking accounts to place orders! Another bonus is that we are now able to accept ALL major credit cards!  
Funky Monkey Films – Temporary Home

Unfortunately, we no longer have our normal web site up and we are in the process of moving to a better server. Please bear with us in this time of transition!
Funky Monkey Films – Happy New Year!

From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year!